30 days to calm

You are tired of feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out all the time. 

Your home and life are cluttered to the brim leaving you distracted and discouraged. 

You feel weighed down by poor food choices, unhealthy spending habits, and negative self-talk.

You are ready to make some sustainable changes to live with greater CALM.





30 DAYS TO CALM  is now available as an independent study mini course designed to help you shift your mindset around stress & live with greater calm, clarity & confidence. When you pay for the course you will receive a 30 page PDF with clear weekly action steps and helpful printable handouts to support you as you work through the course.

Sometimes what we need is time to rest and regroup. Time to get honest about what is and is not working in our current lives. A chance to actually decide who and how we want to be for the next season of life… and maybe permission to begin taking self-care seriously.

30 days is not enough time for a complete life overhaul but it is enough time to set some new positive habits in place, to learn new skills, and to gain clarity around how you want to feel and behave and what you want your life to look like. 30 days is a perfect amount of time to jumpstart you to living with greater calm, clarity and confidence.

In this 30 day mini course you will receive education, encouragement & concrete action steps to move you towards greater CALM, clarity & confidence. CALM is significantly lighter on ‘homework’ than my REVITALIZED class and serves as a gentler starting point for those of you wishing to begin caring for yourself better and crafting a more purposeful life.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Living With Purpose or Getting Clear on Who & How You Want to Be
  • Stress Mindset & Why Not all Stress is Bad
  • Mood Stabilizing Nutrition & Supplements
  • Clearing Clutter & Toxins From Your Home & Calendar
  • Getting Curious About Your Spending & Other Habits
  • Calming Mindfulness Techniques
  • Stress-reducing Holistic Lifestyle Practices


*please note than after purchase, your course will arrive via email, usually within 24 hours (on a rare occasion I might be away and unable to send it quickly)


You may prefer to meet with me 1:1 as you walk through the CALM course. You will receive the course via email and then we will meet for four 60 minute coaching sessions, one per each week of the course material, to dig deeper into the material and really focus on the tasks, habits or mindsets most relevant to your specific needs and goals.

With the private sessions I can answer questions as they arise, provide more in depth and targeted education where needed, and help you stay committed to your health and life goals as you progress through the course.



Here are thoughts from a handful of CALM Mini Course & live class participants:

“The CALM Mini Course was exactly what I needed during this season of my life. It helped me uncover areas that need attention in order for me to live a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable life. I found the handouts and journal prompts to be wonderful tools to organize my thoughts and define what I really want my daily, weekly and monthly activities to look like. I recommend this course to anyone who is searching for more calm and purpose in their lives.” 

Elizabeth Reimers

“The CALM course was great exposure to many alternative methods I can incorporate into my daily routines to create clarity, calm and joy. I especially enjoyed the suggestions for supplements and nutrition. I also appreciated the anecdotal portions that allowed me to relate to the material. Krista has such a nurturing spirit that was much appreciated.”

Brandy Schutz

“Krista’s CALM workshop has provided me with the tools and guidelines I need to get started in my mission to bring more focus and intention into my daily life. She shares her wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of supplements that can help when dealing with different health issues, which I found very informative and helpful. I especially appreciated her suggestions on how to recognize the joy in our lives and how to let go of the things or ideas that are not a part of that joy.

Krista’s honesty and openness about her own life and experiences really made me feel comfortable in the group setting. I believe that she is an extremely knowledgeable and accepting person whose support would benefit anyone interested in living a more physically and emotionally, balanced healthy life. The CALM workshop is a great starting point for those of us who want to live a more thoughtful, healthy, joy-filled life.”

Andrea Sidney-Richard

“The CALM Mini Course helped me realize where I can make some small shifts in my behavior that create big changes in how I feel and see my activities and actions. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with issues of time, nutrition, or emotions.”

Cindy Spee

“I enjoyed the course “30 Days to Greater CALM” and found it to be very helpful and thought provoking. I was especially impressed by the professionalism of the writing and the personal touch of empathy displayed throughout the journey. The author writes well and helps you feel that struggling is okay and perfection is not the goal. I appreciated the  work of the “short term Goals” and especially the worksheets in point form. It helped me to quickly write my thoughts in a busy life.

I also benefitted from Days 16-22 Habits Weighing You Down and Clearing the Clutter & Toxins. I found these most beneficial and practical for my life. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others needing a boost to reaching Greater Calm.”

Roberta Greiner

Are you ready to invest just 30 days in order to shift from stress to greater calm?





If you are seeking a deeper, broader health and life transformation then check out my 11 week guided class REVITALIZED or find out how you can work with me 1:1.

Krista xo

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