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One of the best gifts that come from doing my work is the opportunity to connect with interesting people around the world – to chat in a podcast, to contribute to their communities through guest posting, or to collaborate in interesting ways! I look forward to the many opportunities yet to come.

Guest Posts

What We Practice Grows Stronger, No Sidebar

3 Purposeful Questions I Ask Myself Each Night, No Sidebar

Use the “One In, One Out” Rule to Live Emotionally Unstuffed, No Sidebar

Learning to Listen For a Life of Purpose, Health & Joy,

From Fear to Freedom, Lisa

Motherhood Taught Me to Love Myself, Simple As That

Stop Looking For Perfect and Embrace What Is, Simple As That

Going Nose to Nose With Fear for an Uncluttered, Unshackled, UnBusy Life, Becoming UnBusy

I Have Been Changed, The Life on Purpose Movement

Podcast Interviews

Interview with the BBC World Service Radio: podcast and online feature

Interview by Nourishing Traditions for View of Hope Series

Self-Care During the Holidays with Pamella Heikel and Conscious Conversations

Embracing my mediocrity and making peace with my limitations to change my view of failure on The Other F Word Podcast

How to Shift from Surviving to Thriving, Tame the Chaos Summit

Airing Soon

How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Create Space for Family, Business and Your Big Vision summit – coming September 2017

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