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I would love to send you a couple free gifts

• My Mind-Body NOURISHED ebook: an encouraging collection of tips and resource recommendations gathered from women in my circle of contacts who work in women’s wellness in some manner;

• My 5 Strategies to Shift you from Surviving to Thriving: a 13 page PDF that talks about WHY we carry around emotional and physical clutter and HOW to take steps to get rid of it once and for all. The PDF includes my Shift Your Thoughts worksheet with examples – one of the most important tools I believe I could possibly offer you.

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Here are some extra resources for you

I love worksheets that help me organize my thoughts and my life. Following are some more simple but practical and free worksheets or resources that I have created for you and which are ready to download and use immediately. I hope they serve you in living with greater purpose, health & JOY.

1.Happy-Stress Worksheet

2. Just Let It Go

3. Summer Intentions 2017

4. Step Into Fall Joyfully 

5. BREATHE Through The Holidays

6. 30 Tips for Winter Wellness

7. shift-your-thoughts-printable (5 W’s to shift your thoughts with sweet artwork made by my daughter)

8. 4-day-calming-menu-plan

9. How-to-choose-supplements-wisely

10. eat-your-way-to-a-healthy-brain-handout

I will add to this over time and would love to hear from you if you have enjoyed one of my free gifts:)

Krista xo

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• my Mind-Body Nourished ebook &
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