Who Am I?

Hi there. I’m Krista (Kika to some), mama of three beautiful kiddos (11, 17, and 20). It is now 22 years that I’ve been married to a West African man who I found in Québec, when I had sworn off relationships forever, and later dragged back to Alberta with me. I come from a big, colorful family of 14 and have the utmost respect for my mom and dad (both passed away way too young from cancer) who lived humble, simple but purposeful lives, fully aligned to their core values.

My life has been a journey of learning to love and care for myself well. I have an addictive personality and this gets me into trouble if I am not living fully conscious, eyes and heart wide open. I have walked through suicide attempts, anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain, loss & grief, binge eating & body shame. Not necessarily in that order. Our family also has first-hand experience with moderately severe allergies and auto-immunity.

Along the way, I have learned that joy and pain can coexist, and that life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. I learned to forgive myself for all my struggles and ‘imperfections’ and realized that I do have the strength and resilience to rise above.

And after finally embracing my ‘mediocrity’, which broke shame, perfectionism and comparison, I came to realize that, like you, I have a purpose to live out and valuable gifts to offer the world.

We speak ‘franglais’ in our home and value learning, good books & discussion, creativity, joyful movement, and body & soul nourishing food. I love strong coffee & dark chocolate, black clothing, long walks holding hands with my husband, and desire a purposeful (and joyful) life of ordinary moments, simple pleasures, and quality relationships. With a wee bit of adventure thrown in for good measure.

My husband and I love to travel although I suppose it is mainly for the food and people watching. In another lifetime, given the chance, I might have a food critic blog so I could get paid to eat my way around the world.

I have a background in French Immersion Education (6 years for a B.Ed. and to become bilingual, although I never completed my final practicum so don’t actually hold a degree), have spent years homeschooling and raising a busy & creative family (which totally should have earned me a Masters!), and then earned a diploma in Natural Nutrition and currently serve as a Holistic Nutrition & Joyful Living Educator.

I love to learn and can regularly be found book in hand, studying online, or puttering at home while listening to a health or slow-living podcast. Learn more about my ongoing education here.

My dad, who was not the most politically correct guy you ever met, told me years ago that my Native name was “Krista Long-Winded.” I suppose he was right; words do make me inordinately happy whether I am writing, teaching or chatting on a radio show (podcasting sounds like an amazing gig to me).

I also think STORY is incredibly important and believe that by sharing our stories we offer hope and encouragement to each other. 

As such, my blog is primarily a tool for sharing stories from my own life and from the lives of guest posters. I only write about that with which I have first-hand experience.

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Krista  xo

*photo taken by my multi-talented and creative friend, Lara Felsing, of magpie3studio.