20151012_231713000_iOS We have just celebrated Thanksgiving here, in Canada, and many of us had time to rest and spend time with people we love. The majority of us, I assume, were also well-fed over this long weekend.

But I am still HUNGRY:

For JOY spilling over;

For unshakable wholeness and peace and a life of purpose;

For a life of great courage, when all my decisions are rooted in love and not fear;

For living with constant gratitude and the habit of truly seeing the beauty all around me, in me, and in other people;

For freedom to fully BE who I am meant to be, without shame, allowing others to see me and freely choose to like me or not;

For complete health – mind, body, and spirit;

For a world where every living being has enough quality food and water to sustain him and no babies die of hunger in their mama’s arms;

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.

Mother Teresa

For a time when we look at each other and see someone’s baby boy or girl, little brother or sister – and we choose love instead of hate;

For meaningful relationships built on trust, honesty and forgiveness and genuine delight in each other, differences and all;

For self-acceptance, utter and complete;

For a world in which we are slow to anger, to judge, to take offense, quick to offer peace and compassion;

For a society that values the cracks and wrinkles and grey hairs;

For a society that no longer views each other as competitors, understanding there is room enough for all of us to shine;

For a world where people can share ideas and opinions without name-calling and violence;

For a time when we acknowledge that every single one of our actions has a ripple-effect that impacts other human beings;

For a world where every created being understands their incredible worth and stops selling themselves short;

For a world where we are willing to pause, reach out and help lift another up instead of being in such a rush;

For a time where we stop comparing and instead affirm that each of us is fully acceptable and uniquely gifted;

For a culture that spends more time promoting the positive, kind, and inspirational than bashing other people and behaviors that they despise;

For the deep down understanding that when I feel angry with or frustrated by others that there is something for me to learn in the experience;

For a full and joyful acceptance that I am imperfect and will make mistakes but I get to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep moving forward – and the maturity to offer this to others;

For a slower, simpler way of being that values people more than stuff.

What are you hungry for?

In peace,

Krista xo

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