Your Life in Progress: Gentling

gentlingGentling is the sixth guest post in a series called “Your Life in Progress.” In this series we hear from other women like you and I – women who are learning to love and care for themselves well. They are taking risks, making mistakes, trying new things and letting others go, sometimes struggling, but ultimately pursuing beautiful, gentle lives of purpose, health & JOY.


I’ve proved the power of Self-Talk for decades,

and have often

beaten myself with a viciousness

that I would never unleash

on anyone else.


I have begun to use this super-power

to beat the Bully at her own game.

I speak to myself

as I would to my own daughter,

to up build, encourage,

to praise my efforts and

accomplishments. Usually silently, but

often aloud, I am developing a


with my ‘most constant companion’…

and I have seen an immediate

response from this angry, much maligned child.

Each kind word that I direct to her

brings growing strength and joy.

Instead of resenting effort,

I am beginning to welcome it,

as I see myself meeting challenges,

reaching goals, slowly getting


I have actually started

to feel a fondness…

for ME!

Thank you, Marianne, for “Gentling”. How your words speak to me!

Marianne Peace Rumball is a storyteller, whittler of walking sticks, and Crone-in-Training, living in Cache Creek, BC. She writes at


2 comments on “Your Life in Progress: Gentling

  1. Oh my Goodness, I have stumbled upon this Blog at a time when I needed this nugget of
    Wisdom which resonates with me, so much.

    Gentling, this could be life changing for me!?

    Krista, I have have been ‘stuck’ on your blog, reading many of your posts, which have been a blessing.

    Thank You.

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