Use the “One In One Out” Rule to Live Emotionally Unstuffed

emotionally unstuffed

A large focus of the first 35 years or so of my life was acquiring or dreaming of finally being able to afford some nice new stuff. Building my humble nest with a sense of urgency; an underlying feeling of lack. Slowly along the way, a shift occurred.

I began living from a place of plenty or enough.

I realized that so many of the beautiful toys and books and even educational supplies that I had eagerly gathered for my kids remained largely untouched or were quickly outgrown. That I didn’t like kitchen gadgets. That the clothes I kept buying because I felt I should dress more feminine or because I was hoping they would make me feel better about my body, I never wore them anyways and they inevitably ended up being cut apart and used as fabric in yet another of my daughter’s creative sewing projects.

I decided that I preferred life unstuffed: I don’t need to acquire to build a happy home; I can accept the real me who loves flip flops, eschews makeup, and often wears the exact same thing three days in a row. The me that falls apart when life feels busy and unanchored.

Being a systems person, in order to consistently live according to my values, and to persist in the face of temptation, it helps enormously to live by some self-imposed rules. One such rule is the familiar “One In One Out” modus operandi.

You may already use this rule successfully, as I do, to establish clear limits on clothing, books, kitchen gadgets or even media consumption. All excellent ways to live with less physical clutter. But I have also found myself applying this rule in ways that support me in living emotionally unstuffed.

Please join me over at No Sidebar where I share 3 ways that I use the “One In One Out” Rule to live emotionally unstuffed.

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8 comments on “Use the “One In One Out” Rule to Live Emotionally Unstuffed

  1. I also wear the same clothes several days in a row! If I’m just hanging around the house and doing sedentary things like writing and researching, the same pair of old yoga pants or sweats and a t-shirt will do. No one else is there and my cats will never tell! My one in, one other rule applies to purses as I am a purse-aholic. My 23 year old granddaughter polices my push shelf in the closet to keep me honest!

  2. I’ve been realizing how little I need as well. The only place I splurge is fabric for quilting or yarn, because I know that gets used. I have a basic “uniform” I usually wear…leggings, boots and tee and long sweater in the winter and capris, flip flops a tee and light cardigan in the summer. I have a few nice dresses (two of my three children have been married in the last year and a half) for church, but my uniform works for most everything else! I’m slowly decluttering and donating as we hope to downsize in the next few years. Slowly because I suffer from chronic, debilitating pain and do everything slowly, and once I get home from work I don’t have much left in me to do the things I would really like to do! Everything will get done eventually and we will be much more minimalistic life…soon I hope!

  3. I realize this is kind of off point for your post, other than the fact that I am concentrating on trying to let go of LOTS of stuff that is weighing me down. But I LOVE the sweater in the NoSidebar post and would be willing to pass along many “kinda me” tops to have something that is “totally me”. If you could point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it (I did google “mercantile”, but the hit list was pretty long…)

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