30 Tips For Winter Wellness

winter wellness

Looking out the window, where I live, it seems that winter has ‘officially’ arrived. The snow and grey skies have inspired me to put out Christmas decorations and dust off the old Christmas CDs to infuse my home with more cheer. Fall brings with it feelings of grief and sadness for me (for many), memories of saying goodbye, and letting people go against my will. Transition is hard.

Once I can settle myself into this place of ‘what is’ – a place of deeper peace and surrender, I am able to move forward again with greater purpose and even joy. Still, the dark and cold of the winter season, for many of us, feels harsh. It takes its toll on us mentally and physically. We need to be proactive to recognize our personal struggles (for instance, perhaps arthritis causes you more pain at this time of year, or you struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder) and take steps to care for ourselves the best we can. Or ask for help when we are at our limits.

I have created a list of 30 TIPS FOR WINTER WELLNESS that can be used as a jumping-off point for prioritizing your own emotional and physical well being over this winter season. The tips themselves are not rocket science – although certainly there will probably be several suggestions included that you haven’t considered before. My experience, though, is that many of us have ‘head knowledge’ on a great many topics, but not necessarily ‘heart knowledge’. We hear something and think, “yup, I know that” or “great idea!” but never truly put it into practice or make it our own.

So this list of 30 TIPS FOR WINTER WELLNESS can be used as inspiration. A reminder to care for yourself well, to be proactive, and to use this colder and darker season as a time to build some healthier, kinder, habits into your life.

To access the list you simply need to go to my free gifts page and download it straight away. 

May you live with greater ease & JOY this winter season,

Krista xo

*Thank you to my friend, Renée Tougas, for use of this gorgeous photograph

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