52 Mondays Printables and Wallpaper

As a thank you for allowing me into your inbox, I’m offering some FREE “52 Mondays related” printables & wallpaper for your iPhone.

This page isn’t locked but I’m only sharing the link with you! Please don’t share this page. If you need to come back to it, use the search bar on my site to search “52 Mondays printables.”

Of course I’d LOVE for you to also consider purchasing my journal, 52 Mondays: the spring Session – a seasonal mindfulness journal.

Whether or not you choose to purchase this (no pressure ever, only invitation), thank you for all your support!

These are my referral links to my book:

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And in any other country search “52 Mondays seasonal journal” to find it.



This is a zip file: Free Gifts 52 Mondays

Click on the link to download the file to your device. When it finishes downloading, you can open it up to access the various options inside.

Krista xo

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