Become Who You Really Are: 3 Essential Keys for Growth (Mini-Course)

Become who you really are: mini-course


Become Who You Really Are:

3 KEYS for Sustainable and Meaningful Growth


This course has been cancelled due to the death of my son. Payments will be refunded.


This fall, I’ll teach a 3 session mini-course or intro to 3 keys I use to guide me in my personal growth journey and in working with clients. This isn’t coaching talk or fairy dust – these are truly key ideas or filters I use consistently in my life to “become who I really am.”

I’m always looking for practical application (this is tied to my Enneagram 1 personality). As I’ve done my own personal growth work, and as I’ve served hundreds of women these past four years, I’ve uncovered 3 key ideas that keep me rooted and which help me grow strong and brave so that I can show up fully to this life of mine.

We can be immersed in self-help or personal development, we can glean from coaches, podcasts and books for years, but it doesn’t mean the seeds we plant will put down healthy roots that anchor us and help us bear fruit in time.

Information alone is insufficient. We can drown in information if we have no way of filtering it for ourselves or making it our own.

We need to learn to take ideas from theory to practical application by running them through intentional filters. This is the way to meaningful, sustainable growth and becoming. And while there isn’t just one way of doing anything, I strongly believe in the transformative potential of my 3 key filters. I walk them out daily.

When working with a client, teaching a course, or in my Brave & Beautiful Membership, all shiny ideas, research, recommendations, or dialogue is filtered through my 3 keys in order to make our learning and experience far more meaningful and sustainable.

Become who you really are – this mini-course is designed to teach you 3 keys that are essential for meaningful and sustainable growth and how to apply them.



(This is a brief synopsis – learn a bit more here)

KEY 1: Without Self-Awareness We Can’t Walk our Way to Freedom

You’ll have a clear starting point for getting to know yourself better; you’ll have some tools and resources to use and a deeper sense of why this matters so deeply to growth and becoming.

KEY 2: Self-Compassion is Essential for Positive, Sustainable Growth

You’ll begin taking steps, through the mindset shifts and the practices discussed, to like and appreciate who you are; you’ll feel more committed to the idea that self-compassion helps anchor you and leads to sustainable growth.

KEY 3: The Only Way to Truly Grow and Become is by Taking Imperfect Action

You will understand the concept and importance of imperfect action and see more clearly some of the ways that comparison, perfectionism, and fear hold you back; you’ll walk away equipped with mindset shifts and practices to help you take meaningful, consistent action in your life toward what you say you want.


I’m experimenting with a new simple format for courses that does not involve Facebook (because many of you opt-out of FB and I want you to be able to join some of my courses!) and keeps the price low so it’s accessible to more people.

This course will offer a combination of 3 Live Zoom calls, a bonus Q&A call, and a PDF “cheat sheet” of key ideas and resources to help you move forward.

You will receive an invitation via email to join the Zoom calls (you’ll need to mark these in your calendar) and at the end have access to the recordings and the PDF “cheat sheet” which will be emailed to you.

If you cannot make the Zoom calls live, no worries (my community is made up of men and women around the globe) – you will still get all the material to watch and work through when it works for you.

For the Q&A call, participants will submit questions in advance (you can watch the replay later if you’re unable to make it live).


*Please note, there has been a change to the original dates

  • 1 90-min Live Zoom Call: Wednesday, Oct 23 at 4 pm MST
  • 2 60-min Live Zoom Calls: Wednesday, Oct 30 at 1 pm MST and Nov 06 at 1 pm
  • 1 60-90-min Bonus Live Q&A: Thursday, Nov 14 at 7 pm MST
  • You will receive links to the recorded meetings


This course will cost $60 ($30 for folks on my email list with the coupon code I emailed out).

If you’re part of my Brave & Beautiful Membership you get access for free!

This course has been cancelled due to the death of my son. Payments will be refunded.


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Krista xo

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