Befriend Yourself Mini-Course

befriend yourself

Every human is a messy, intricate tangle of personality, strength and struggle, story and life
experience, marked by wounds, hopes, acquired wisdom, and inherent beauty. Each soul
amazing, gifted, needed, worthy of love and acceptance.

Though some feel unworthy of it, we all want to be seen, heard, and accepted. And we want to
belong. But this must include or begin with self. We must see, hear, accept and belong to
ourselves. And then we can practice allowing our true selves to be seen by others.

To move through the world with strength, dignity, joy, and integrity, to offer our light or
contribution, to feel at home in our bodies and our lives – we must become our own best friend.

This mini-course provides you with the (unfancy) Befriend Yourself module from my Brave & Beautiful Membership. The module includes the PDF that walks you through 4 weeks of exercises or new habits and ideas to help you become your own best friend, related worksheet(s), 2+ recorded calls and an interview which speak to the topic and offer additional guidance and encouragement so that you can learn to love yourself well or befriend yourself.

Buy the Befriend Yourself Mini-Course $37

Bundle together the Walk in Self-compassion, Rooted & Resilient, and Befriend Yourself Mini-Courses for $87

befriend yourself mini-course


This mini-course offers a roadmap – or HOPE map – to help you begin loving yourself well, living like you matter, and behaving like your own best friend

The PDF of core content will walk you through the following structure as you dive into the topic and apply the work to your life.

Week One// WHY
I’ll introduce the topic of the month and WHY it matters; you’ll examine your experience and thoughts about it, any compelling research, and you’ll get honest about where you’re at. Self-awareness is essential to sustainable and healthy growth.

Week Two // WHAT
You will start thinking about WHAT you want for yourself in this area (you’ll establish personal goals and intentions) while staying grounded in self-compassion and I’ll offer ideas for WHAT you can do to grow and begin practicing the concepts for the month.

Week Three // HOW
You’ll get more specific about HOW to apply the habits, tools, mindset shifts or the practical application of ideas (and how to sustain positive change) and you’ll address issues or resistance that come up; this is about taking imperfect action to move closer to who and how you choose to be in the world.

Week Four // Rest & Reflect
You need time to synthesize and notice what’s showing up for you, and all of us need time for actual rest. Week 4 of each module offers (optional) prompts to guide you in self-reflection along with resource ideas for further learning. Otherwise, you will use this fourth week to continue applying what you’ve learned and to notice the benefits to your life.

Buy the Befriend Yourself Mini-Course $37

Or Bundle together 3 mini-courses: Walk in Self-compassion, Rooted & Resilient, and Befriend Yourself for only $87

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You're imperfect. Life is messy. Show up anyway. I'll help you figure out how.

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