How to Bumble Your Way into Beauty (in 10 Simple Steps)

bumble your way into beauty

Inside: You don’t have to be perfect or to even know exactly where you’re going to build a beautiful, joyful, purposeful life. You can bumble your way into beauty.

Maybe life isn’t quite as complicated as we’ve thought it was. And maybe finding our way to a life of purpose, joy, and beauty is more readily attainable than we’ve believed.

How to bumble your way into beauty


Step one:

Struggle with anxiety and hide a lot. Daydream about writing or sharing your mission and message but never actually take action because it’s risky and vulnerable and spikes anxiety. Finally get tired of being afraid of loss, pain, or rejection and begin to do the work you feel like doing without trying to control the outcome. Learn to take imperfect action and offer what you have to give. Let that be enough.

Step two:

Spend way too many years judging yourself as not good enough, not strong enough, not thin/smart/capable/energetic enough. Live mired in guilt and shame. Then one day hold a wee little person in your arms and realize you want a different legacy for her. Decide to institute a no-bullying policy and choose to love yourself well from this day forward.

Step three:

Live in waiting for the next scary phone call, the next crisis, the next horrible, bad thing. Don’t let yourself taste pleasure or feel joy because when the next shoe drops you’ll have further to fall. One day, after burying many people and walking through despair, realize you’re still here and you’re stronger and more resilient than you once believed. Decide to taste it all and say yes to life.

Step four:

Micromanage, stay up late cleaning, planning, or organizing to keep your life perfectly managed. To keep yourself feeling safe. Get angry about mess or imperfection, try to measure up to all your internal standards and never cut yourself slack. Come to the end of yourself. Pick up your pieces and put them together slowly, tenderly, realizing that they are very beautiful pieces. A million imperfect and crazy beautiful pieces.

Step five:

Give too much in the wrong places in an attempt to be a good girl. Give and then feel hurt when it’s not reciprocated. Pour out until you’re empty. Then one day wake up and realize you’re allowed to say no, to set healthy boundaries, to love your family first and honor what you need. Slowly release pressure, performing, and people-pleasing and pick up joy in its stead.

Step six:

Attempt to carry the weight of the world on your little shoulders. Care deeply but you’re too small to help heal a broken world. Learn to numb the pain by whatever means necessary. Release one coping method or addiction to replace it with another until one bright day and one tentative step at a time you walk your way into freedom. Begin offering your small light, loving one person at a time, or using the small resources you possess to help build a kinder world.

Step seven:

Spend a lot of time ruminating, pondering the past, wishing you knew better or that life had felt easier. Allow your mind to wander aimlessly into the future, storytelling, amping up anxiety. Make assumptions, care about what others think about you, believe every thought your wily brain spins for you. Get tired of this nonsense and become the boss of your thoughts. Rein things in and learn to question, examine, and look for joyful possibility like your life depends upon it.

Step eight:

Read all the books, look to “the experts,” watch what others are up to. Doubt your innate wisdom and look for the rules, the seven step programs, the exact way to home-school, parent, build a happy marriage, craft a healthy life. Close the books and take a break from the podcasts. Practice listening in. Ask for help when you need it and glean from others but understand that you are the expert on your life. Begin walking in quiet confidence and trusting yourself.

Step nine:

Forget to enjoy this ordinary day. You’ll be happy when you go on a vacation, get married, have a baby, get a better job, lose weight, pay off your student loans, when your kids stop bickering. Yearn for better or different and miss the gift of today. Get tired of waiting. Take personal responsibility for your response to life, start practicing gratitude with gusto, notice how life feels different now because you changed how you see.

Step ten:

Keep waiting for a friend – a cheerleader – someone who will see the full truth of who you are and love you unconditionally. Think you’re doing life wrong because no one fills up that deep hole inside of you. Feel like you don’t fit or maybe aren’t cut out for this world. Finally, choose to be your own biggest cheerleader and your own best friend. Deepen your roots of self-awareness and self-compassion. Realize you no longer crave the approval of others because you like who you are and you’re more able to hold space for others now too.

I wrote this with a sense of humor (and gratitude) – thinking back to my journey and process. There is no one right way to build a beautiful life, but there are a million imperfect ways.

Krista xo

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9 comments on “How to Bumble Your Way into Beauty (in 10 Simple Steps)

  1. Thank you so much for all these reminders – I see myself and a few of them I need to work on. I love how you write, express and target so simply but concisely the bullseye of our hearts Krista.

  2. Oh my! Have you been watching my life or is this just the normal course for highly sensitive people and empaths? 😉 I can relate to absolutely every word! As I approach my 50th year I am finally able to cut myself some slack and live as authentically as possible and I TRULY appreciate the validation that comes from reading your words! ❤

    • I’m so glad (delighted, humbled, grateful) that my words make a difference in your life, Donna. You made me chuckle – I started some work with a new psychologist over the summer and she asked me if I identify as an empath. I actually don’t – but I am definitely an HSP – and as one who has struggled hard I am able and willing to talk openly about all the murky emotions and stuff of life. It doesn’t scare me to do so because I’ve been in darkness and despair and also know light comes again. xo

      • I am grateful that you are so willing to share your healing process! It is food for my soul! I read my bible, my daily devotional and your posts daily. I truly feel that all three have helped me finally figure things out! You are a blessing! ❤

  3. I am grateful that you are so willing to share your healing process! It is food for my soul! I read my bible, my daily devotional and your posts daily. I truly feel that all three have helped me finally figure things out! You are a blessing! ❤

  4. Thank you Krista! I really enjoy your writing and I appreciate your willingness to share your life so openly. You are very encouraging!
    “Take personal responsibility for your response to life, start practicing gratitude with gusto”
    I love this!! ❤️

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