We Can Run But We Can’t Hide

Inside: Whenever I’m on the cusp of change, resistance shows up and I have the urge to run again. But we can’t outrun ourselves. This post contains affiliate links.

The winding drive back into the Peace valley is beautiful. I have to keep my eyes on the lane ahead of me and the construction that takes up part of the narrow winding road, though, so I am unable to fully take in the view or look over, across the river that cuts through the town, to try and spot the ski lift that marked part of my chilly junior high years.

I ran quick from this place. First at 16 then, for good, at 17. It felt too small and constricting. Everyone knew your business and there wasn’t much for me here, beyond bush parties. I both wished I could fit in all comfortable and easy but also wanted more than being the same. I didn’t want to be just one of the many O’Reilly kids. Not just one of the crowd.

I wasn’t running from my family or my town, of course, but from myself.

But I took myself along when I moved to the city. I boarded the Greyhound with the two suitcases I stole from my parent’s basement, all my unrest and insecurity packed in tightly beside the rolled up undies and pointy toed Le Château boots.

I wondered if there was a place for me in this world.

I fell deeper into numbing and self-loathing the year or so I spent there. Then picked up and ran again, shortly after my 19th birthday, this time with a big black duffel bag and a one way ticket to England. I had partied so hard before leaving I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the business class seats my sister and I had scored. I slept so deeply most of the way there, barely able to peel my eyes open long enough to buy the duty-free Anaïs Anaïs perfume the stewardess peddled. Surely perfume would cover my shame and despair.

We all know, of course, that we cannot outrun ourselves.

We can run but we can’t hide.


Last night as I sat in my little sister’s living room, trusting her as I tried to untangle all this confusing frustration and longing and grief that has surfaced again, she asked me why I can’t just see the things I have done well, breathe in deep the good in my life instead of always seeing what is left undone. She’s not the first to ask me this question. And I don’t know precisely why. I just know that I am still in the messy process of becoming.

I know that whenever I am on the cusp of change, resistance shows up again.

Why have I always struggled to rest? Why do I circle back to seeking my worth in my ability to perform or keep up? Why do I keep running?

Because all of a sudden I realize that is what I am still doing. Now that my primary time of feathering the nest draws near to the end I find myself all anxious and planning the escape. I will get rid of all my possessions, sell my home, move to the city again, find the next adventure.

But I cannot outrun myself.

And it is time to dig in and finally settle some of these questions. To peel off another layer and another, even if it makes my eyes sting and water like crazy. I don’t want a band-aid. I want to get dirt under my fingernails, hands stained, knees bloodied and dig in until I can wrap my hands and heart around the deepest roots that keep me tethered to failure and lack and unrest. Until I can get my hands around them, tight, and pull and tug and unearth them and leave them to dry up and die, exposed to the light of truth.

I want rest. I choose rest.

As I listen to myself, talking with my sister, unfiltered, I am bewildered at the rebellious uprising of all these all old voices and accusations. I have traveled far but they have followed me through the years, unbidden.

Who set the standard against which I measure myself? Because I don’t want your life. I know the dreams I have and I do believe, at least on an intellectual level, that I have gifts to offer. So from whence comes the ugly lie that I will never measure up (to whom?) or be enough (of what exactly?) and if I try I will fail (who cares – who am I afraid of disappointing?).

I look at my younger sister and oh how I love her. How easy it is, when she is hurting, to speak life over her. To encourage and remind her that she is beautiful and perfection is not required (read this fabulous book!) and it will all be OK. But today I need her to speak truth into my barren places.

She reminds me that I do belong, to my friends and my family, and what does it matter if I never feel like I fit with anyone else, anyways? It makes me laugh a little when she tells me I am not as weird as I think I am. She points out a place where I need to forgive and let go. She sounds a little annoyed with me that I am caught here, again, in this unforgiving web of comparison and not good enough.

Maybe this is what growing up looks like. Or, this is the only way I know how to do it. Showing up. Being real. Stretch marks and growing pains. Exposing our deepest fears to the light where they can be inspected and turned over. Giving others permission to speak life into our shame or broken places.

No more hiding and running. If we are to find rest, we can’t hide.


Because as I head into the next season of life I’d really like to leave those heavy suitcases behind. I don’t want to carry them anymore. I don’t even have the energy to carry them anymore. I’m sure there will always be work to do; the becoming whole and mature, resilient and refined never ends, I suppose, and I am OK with that. I even look forward to that. But it is time to let go of this baggage.

After two days communing with sisters and gathering up hugs from their little people, I slowly climb back up, out of this green valley, lighter than when I arrived. I’m moving forward into my next season of life lighter. The path a tiny bit clearer.

I think about you and how many of us are journeying together. I wonder if maybe you, too, feel ready to lay your heavy baggage down alongside mine. Just leave it there.

We can run but we can’t hide.

Krista xo

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15 comments on “We Can Run But We Can’t Hide

  1. Never annoyance you are “here again.” More, frustration that you do not see your worth. That you so readily love me, encourage me & cannot find the same to give yourself. ❤️

  2. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO READ! I have been wrestling with my baggage (inner voice, doubts, fears, questioning my “enoughness”) and I do a lot of self-awareness, personal development reading. I have felt this pull to do something more as the same patterns keep showing up and the baggage grows heavier and heavier despite the positive changes and sparks of awareness I discover along this journey. I am turning 30 in a few months and have been toying with the idea of going to Gabby Bernstein’s Weekend at Kripalu (yoga/meditation center) in July and part of me feels PETRIFIED to 1. go alone 2. wrestle with my truths 3. let go of the baggage because I have been carrying it around with me for oh so long.


    • Hi Mollie, maybe the baggage grows heavier because of all the positive change and deepening self-awareness. At least I note that whenever I am on the cusp of change, resistance arises once more. This just means that I am ready to go deeper. Maybe you are ready to go deeper. xo

  3. Krista, my heart has gone out to you as I have read your last two posts. I only found your site recently, so I have just started reading. But, all I can think of is there is no rest or peace outside of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. He also said, “my peace I leave with you…”. Being a born again Christian doesn’t make life perfect but it gives you a perfect life to lean upon. Jesus died a horrible death on the cross for our sins so we would never have to feel guilt or shame. If you are not already a Christian, please consider asking Jesus to be your Saviour. That is the only thing that will get us into heaven and I would love to meet you there someday. If you are already born again, perhaps spending more time in the Bible and applying some of the principles would help. Love and prayers…………..

    • I, too, have fought a long hard journey to self acceptance. I’m not there yet, but I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. At times, God has had to open the wounds of the past to drain the infections of self hate, shame, self loathing, and despair. Only recently have I come to actually BELIEVE that I am loved and accepted exactly as I am. Brennan Manning wrote God loves us as we are and not as we should be because none of us are as we should be. I thank him every day for his grace and mercy.

    • I agree with Brenda…there is no peace outside knowing Jesus and being in constant relationship with Him. I have also suffered for many years with baggage that was heavy from my childhood, but over the years I have received healing from Him, and I can say I am at peace…still long way to go learning to love myself as He loves me. Your site is helpful Krista, and I am sharing it with close friends…thank you

  4. I heard psychologist and author Robert Holden ask a question the other day on a podcast: “What would my life look like if I didn’t judge?” Ever since then, I’ve been letting go of all the yesterdays – not judging them, just letting them go – and letting go of judging how I spend my days. I just spend them, use them to make myself happy, and to bring as much love and happiness to everyone I meet in the process. I don’t have to fit in with anyone or anything. I just have to choose happiness.

    • Interesting. Yes, my sister and I discussed judgement this weekend too… and my desire to let go (even more) of judging me, you, what should be, what might happen, what did happen (blah blah blah):) I am so driven by a sense of purpose or mission, understanding WHY, but know it is possible to find peace and rest even within my natural hardwiring.

  5. Hi hon, I love that your sister was able to speak some words of truth into your heart. Keep showing up my dear. I love your digging metaphor, looking for the source of that root to tear it out. Don’t give up the fight, but while you’re fighting accept the position that is already yours (in Christ), a position that our hearts haven’t quite fully grasped (I speak from experience and love – you know I too have to wrestle with truth).

    You belong, you are loved. You’re not perfect but (Thank you Jesus) you don’t need to be. You can keep messing up as long as you live and you’re enough. I know you don’t want to be in this place but it does force us back to the Source of our identity and worth. And that turning of our hearts back to truth is worth at least part of the struggle. Love you.

  6. I too am wired as a restless wrestler. I too am in a season of transition with babes leaving the nest one by one. I too am still growing up in my 40’s. I find such familiarity in your thoughts and words. You’ve given me the much needed assurance that I’m not alone in this season. Thank you for putting your honest self out there. I’m so grateful!

    • I appreciate your kind feedback, Kristi. I love getting a glimpse into how others think or live, why they make the choices they do, how they are wired. It helps me immensely which is why I am willing to share the process for me. You are not alone:)

  7. Listening to your journey is so lovely in all of its achiness because it puts the words to what we all go through at some point. I have had a recurring dream over the years that I have way too many bags + suitcases, stuff keeps falling out everywhere, and I can’t seem to board the plane or get to my destination because of all of it.

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