Captivated With Purpose

captivated with purpose

Last night my 12 year old, in her fabulous unicorn onesie, and I went to an outdoor showing of Jurassic Park. We arrived a little too early and waited patiently as the giant screen was slowly blown up and more and more families excitedly gathered.

An hour and a half later, with a knowing glance and quick exchange of words, we agreed that we were already peopling out. We gathered up the well-worn blanket, drove back home and I climbed into my PJ’s. We made our own stove top popcorn, heavy on the butter and sea salt as we like it, lowered the dusty blinds and happily Netflixed Jurassic Park from the quiet comfort of our own living room.

I experienced a brief moment of frustration with myself about my introverted tendencies and then quickly shifted my thoughts toward self-acceptance. My daughter and I both had fun together and we also tried the outdoor thing. Albiet briefly. I don’t know how to “do” anyone else and unless I tip into comparison, I am content.

A reader of my blog or FB page shared a quote with me several months back that I love and which I suspect you, too, might appreciate:

We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose. -Bob Goff.


Wow. I like to read that over and over and let it sink in deep and take root.

I know my purpose and the gifts that I bring to the world…even if there are yet hazy moments that I waver in comparison or self-doubt. I like who I am even as I embrace growth and becoming and admire the wildly different gifts that you offer.

There’s ample room for both of us.

Krista xo

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4 comments on “Captivated With Purpose

  1. I rather enjoy reading a somewhat longer post, and don’t mind traveling to read (virtually speaking) 🙂
    I already enjoy your FB posts, and your email offerings….and in my own quiet way, I am trying to get to where I am supposed to be…you are a help on the journey!


  2. More and more I am learning to just embrace my introvertedness. Some days I frustrate myself when I get overwhelmed in certain situations or become anxious, but I am trying to find ways to stretch myself while also not forgoing who I am inside.

    • I hear you. I do tend to live with a growth mindset and part of this is challenging myself to not back down from experiences that I genuinely want and which, due to my nature, might feel challenging. Examples from my life include driving to a sister in laws 50th party several hours away (I even feel less comfortable in large family gatherings), booking two back to back work-related conferences late October (both topics I am super passionate and excited about)… but this means three full, long days, in the city with tons of people:) But at the core, my decision many years ago to finally just love myself fully, has brought sooo much peace.

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