Go Deeper Not Wider with Tiny Little Steps

deeper not widerInside: I’m feeling a call to go deeper, not wider this year; to simplify in work and life to make space for my deepest work and highest priorities. This post contains an affiliate link.

I like this in-between space – the closing out of one year and slowly finding our way into the next.

I like to spend it quietly, remembering and listening in.

I remember strength and sorrow and all the gifts that came to me disguised as challenge or needing help or being forced to strip away the weight of anything non-essential or non-life-giving.

I remember laughter and community and story and the many beautiful humans I’ve been privileged to share life with and I give thanks. Whether separated by death or a divergent path they mattered. They matter. Each of these people was a gift in season.

I remember hope and resilience and the fleeting nature of life on this planet and I breathe in deep, shake off worry, and relax into the truth that none of us knows the number of our days but we can choose to live today imperfectly on purpose.

I remember our interconnectedness. As I water and tend and put down deep, strong roots of self-awareness and self-compassion and learn that I am strong enough to stand on my own, I discover that I don’t have to. We share a root system, we help strengthen and nourish one another, and there are no bonus points for trying to make it on our own.

And I remember the power of tiny little steps.

Tiny little steps toward healing, toward becoming, toward building a life that feels like home.

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Deeper Not Wider

I’m feeling a clear and insistent call to go deeper, not wider this year. To wholeheartedly serve the beautiful people who are already part of my online community releasing any pressure to attract and grow, to savour the many gifts in my life rather than longing for more or other, to worry less about tomorrow so I can BE fully present in today, to share time with my friends and family while we have each other, to do less with more love and attention, to continually pull my train of vision from comparing or measuring myself against anyone else so I can walk in my strengths and honour my wiring and the season I’m in, to simplify and cull even more in work and life to make space for my deepest work and highest priorities.

You are invited to join me in a low-key book club of sorts inside my free Live on Purpose FB group in 2021.

We’ll be using the book 12 Tiny Things by Heidi Barr and Ellie Roscher as a guide. It offers one idea per month to ponder and play with for those of us who desire a gentle, compassionate, intentional life.

The theme of January is SPACE.

To keep things simple I envision posting a couple of times a month to share how I’m engaging with and applying the ideas to my life and inviting you to do the same. Each short chapter/theme also offers a simple body practice and reflection questions we can use to spark conversation.

If you choose to join, simply buy yourself a copy of the book in paperback or a digital version and ask to join my free group (there are three questions you need to answer when you ask to join).

When you join the group, look for the UNIT called 12 Tiny Things. In case you’re not familiar with Facebook groups, a UNIT is like a file folder used to gather relevant videos/posts on a particular topic. This means you don’t have to scroll through the feed searching for the book club posts. You can pop in whenever it suits you and go directly to the 12 Tiny Things UNIT to join in.

The authors, Heidi and Ellie, have offered to pop in on occasion to answer your questions and hang out with us for a bit.

The idea of “deeper not wider” is not a new one but it feels just right for this season of my life. I’d love to hear if and how it speaks to you.

Krista xo

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