If You Are a Fat Woman You Deserve to Eat Too

fat woman

If you are a fat woman, you have a right to feed your body well.

To sit down for proper, nourishing meals several times a day and take your time eating them.

To savor each bite and chew and look like you are enjoying your food.

To eat in public in broad daylight rather than hiding in your vehicle or bedroom, late at night.

If you are a fat woman, you have a right to indulge in luscious treats. Preferably involving dark chocolate.

To lick your fingers off after eating them.

To prepare yourself gorgeous, mouth-watering amuse-bouches on a regular basis.

To order desert and sip wine at a restaurant just like your thin family and friends.

If you are a fat woman, you have a right to feed yourself with quality, satiating foods.

To roast veggies and whip up omelets and simmer rich, thick, spicy stews.

To enjoy fat like nuts and organic butter, dark chocolate, coconut and avocado. Every day.

To have fun with ferments and sprouts and growing your own little plot of veggies.

If you are a fat woman, you have the right to love yourself exactly, precisely, unconditionally as you are.

To buy yourself beautiful clothing and loud shoes and lacy underwear, if they make you happy.

To move your body in ways that feel good and practice tender self-care each day.

To carry yourself with strength and dignity, fully conscious of your worth, and show people how to treat you.

If you are a fat girl.

Krista xo

P.S. I am usually hesitant to use the word FAT but in an effort to liberate and love themselves, many women are reclaiming the word as a simple descriptor, akin to tall or female or middle-aged, rather than a pointed weapon. I am less a ‘health at every size’ advocate than a ‘love yourself, treat yourself with kindness, and decide who and how you want to be in the world’ advocate. We can loathe ourselves and our bodies at any size – and as a chubby nutritionist, I care greatly about supporting women in building healthier relationships to food and their bodies.

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