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The following gifts were designed to help you show up fully to your imperfect & beautiful life —with purpose, health & JOY.  

You can access these free gifts no strings attached. I ALSO  invite you to sign up at the bottom of the page for a weekly dose of hope & practical encouragement to help you show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life. xo

1. Self-Compassion Worksheet Set

This worksheet set is a tiny taste test of the worksheets and themes you’ll find in my Show up Afraid course. Put into regular use, they’ll help you put down deeper roots of self-awareness & self-acceptance, practice gratitude and self-care, examine and shift your thoughts for a healthy stress mindset, and do some emotional decluttering. These intentional practices may seem really simple at first glance – but I’ve witnessed their power to help women like myself quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear so they can begin showing up fully – with joy and “on purpose” – to their lives.

FREE GIFT: Self Compassion Workbook

2. 30 Days to CALM Mini-Course

Sometimes what we need is time to rest and regroup. Time to get honest about what is and is not working in our current lives. A chance to actually decide who and how we want to be for the next season of life… and maybe permission to begin taking self-care seriously.

30 days is not enough time for a complete life overhaul but it is enough time to set some new positive habits in place, to learn new skills, and to gain clarity around how you want to feel and behave and what you want your life to look like. 30 days is a perfect amount of time to jumpstart you to living with greater calm, clarity, and confidence.

The CALM mini-course will take you through topics like—

• Living with purpose (Getting clear on who & how you want to be)
• Mood Balancing Nutrition
• Clearing clutter & unhealthy habits
• Stress reducing practices

FREE GIFT: 30 Days to CALM Mini-Course


Krista xo

I have decided to trust my gut and offer – no strings attached – resources that I think will serve you, without requiring you to sign up for my email list. For those who choose to receive my weekly emails, I show up raw & real and offer hope & encouragement, useful tips, and a listening ear.

One subscriber, Ann D, wrote “Your light of courage and truth continues to inspire me and challenge me to be more courageous. I know it’s very hard work. Thank you for being on this journey with me and for offering your hard earned guidance and wisdom.”

You are welcome to join us. xo

NOTE: These gifts and the content within are for individual use only; it is copyrighted and no sharing or copying is permitted. I am not a doctor or therapist and nothing within my content is offered as medical advice. See your doctor or health care team before making any changes to your lifestyle, supplementation, or nutrition.

Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
I'll help you figure out how.

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