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I’d like to offer you some purposeful free gifts to support you on your journey! 

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1. 30 Days to CALM Mini-Course: Sometimes what we need is time to rest and regroup. Time to get honest about what is and is not working in our current lives. A chance to actually decide who and how we want to be for the next season of life… and maybe permission to begin taking self-care seriously.

30 days is not enough time for a complete life overhaul but it is enough time to set some new positive habits in place, to learn new skills, and to gain clarity around how you want to feel and behave and what you want your life to look like. 30 days is a perfect amount of time to jumpstart you to living with greater calm, clarity, and confidence.

**Throughout the month of November I am offering FB Lives each Thursday, 4 pm MDT, to support you through the course! If you can’t make it live, you can watch a replay by clicking on the VIDEO tab of my FB page.

2. 5 Strategies to Shift you from Surviving to Thriving: a 13 page PDF that talks about WHY we carry around emotional and physical clutter and HOW to take steps to get rid of it once and for all. The PDF includes my Shift Your Thoughts worksheet with examples – one of the most important tools I believe I could possibly offer you.

This audio interview explains how to use the Surviving to Thriving PDF!


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Wait, there are more free gifts!

I love worksheets that help me organize my thoughts and my life. Following are some worksheets or resources that I have created for you and which are ready to download and use immediately. I hope they serve you in living with greater purpose, health & JOY.

1. Mind-Body Nourished ebook

2. Just Let It Go Worksheet

3. Summer Intentions Worksheet

4. Step Into Fall Joyfully Worksheet

5. BREATHE Through The Holidays Worksheet Set (this interview describes how to use the worksheets)

6. 4-Day-Calming-Menu-Plan

7. How-to-Choose-Supplements-Wisely Handout

8. Live on Purpose: 31 Habits to Help You Ditch Distraction & Live Intentionally (join my closed FB group to get your hands on this resource & join the challenge!)

Enjoy your free gifts,

Krista xo

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Off an on I’ve been having tech issues with email sign-ups. Please check your spam/junk folders carefully and feel to reach out if you get an error message or never receive your free gifts.

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