You Can Find Your Way to Brave

When I keep my eyes on my own path I am brave.

Inside: I say yes to all of life and this includes saying yes to the soul-stretching and messy, get-your-hands-dirty kind of work required for showing up fully to life in every season, and in process I learn that I am brave.

When I keep my eyes on my own path and give myself permission to play, try, explore, say yes to things that draw me without attachment to outcome, I am happy.

When I hold space for others to be messy and imperfect and doing their best, and I hold this space for myself too, I am rooted and anchored.

When I live awake to my old patterns of thought and behaviour, how I run or hide or react when afraid, and I see it without judgment and gently remind myself to breathe and just be here in the discomfort, I am calm.

When I spend less time worrying about what I don’t have and what I don’t yet know and I turn my gaze to all the gifts and beauty of this ordinary, beautiful day, I am grateful.

When every day I practice loving myself well, forgiving myself, cheering myself onward like my own best friend, I loosen my grip on needing things perfect or safe and I am brave.

Krista xo

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Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
I'll help you figure out how.

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