How to Parent With More JOY as an Introverted Mom

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Inside: We learn to parent with more joy as introverted moms when we wake up to our unique wiring and strengths and decide to honor who we are. I’ve provided a handful of articles and a course for introverted moms to support you on your journey.

I know you’re not all parents (or moms) but many of you are so I occasionally share summits, posts or courses that might be of interest. Thank you for your patience if these do not serve you directly.

Parenting is an integral part of my life experience and informs much of my growth yet I choose to write about parenting primarily for other sites and not my own.

Today I want to share quickly about a course you might love if you’re an introverted mom like me. I also want to share a handful of parenting-related articles I’ve written that may encourage and support you on your parenting journey.

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Even though I dreamed of being a mom and crafting a home – even though I chose to spend 20 years at home and homeschooled for 15 of them (a grand adventure!) – there were some truly hard bits along the way.

Some of the challenges I experienced were simply tied to the truth that we all learn to grow up ourselves even as we learn to parent. Some were related to burying my own parents and walking through intense loss and grief, and some of it was tangled up in learning to love and like myself (and understand my gifts) as a human being even as I poured out into the lives of these people I helped bring into the world.

We learn to parent with more joy as introverted moms when we wake up to our unique wiring and strengths and decide to honour who we are.


Parenting as a strong introvert presents some unique challenges – and gifts. My friend Erica’s course, Talked Out, Touched Out, helps introverted moms learn to leverage their unique strengths so they can learn to thrive. You might already know that I’m a huge personality geek and truly believe that understanding who we are and how we are wired can be life-changing.

As we deepen self-awareness and self-acceptance this spills over into our primary relationships and the knowledge we glean allows us to help our kiddos learn to appreciate their unique wiring. This is huge.

I’m one of the moms who share inside the course a 30-minute chat about how I used my INTROVERT SUPERPOWERS in parenting.

But I’d also like to offer a reminder that for men and women, parents or not, my closed FB group is a place to explore personality, purpose, and how self-awareness begets self-compassion.

Krista xo


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4 comments on “How to Parent With More JOY as an Introverted Mom

  1. Thank you for sharing your articles Krista. I’ve not come across the 4 tendencies before buy your story about your rebel daughter describes my youngest exactly, which is quite a shock after the calm questioner. I’m an obligee so need to do a bit more reading I think to find out how I can better meet my one needs in the chaos of parenting two small boys!

    • Hi Nic – You might like to read one of the books Better Than Before or The Four Tendencies – or perhaps just start learning about The Four Tendencies via the “Happier Podcast” – also by Gretchen Rubin. I continue to learn about myself using this model and am becoming more aware of how I am indeed a Questioner but my strong Rebel leaning plays a huge role in whether or not I resist or fully show up to commitments and expectations. So much fun;) I look forward to hearing more about what you uncover.

  2. I think it’s great that you are giving specific time to encourage the moms out there! Encouraged moms=encouraged kids. They deserve a big thank you for all they do!

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