It Will Be Enough

it will be enough

Inside: When you think you have nothing left to give, or you always feel lacking and behind, but you offer the tiny bit of light you have, it will be enough.

It will be enough.

Whether you grew up in Sunday School or are religious or not, you may have heard a variation of this story from the Book of John: There was a crowd of 5000+ and they had not eaten in a long while. A small boy with two barley loaves and two small fish comes forward and offers what he has.

But of course, it’s not enough for so many hungry people. Yet Jesus invites everyone to sit down, he passes around the humble offering, and every person present receives what they need.

Just offer your small loves and fishes. It will be enough.

Years ago, I sat on the same end of the same couch in this same room and I remember “hearing” the small inner whisper: just offer your small gifts.

That thought gave me courage these past years to step out and go back to school, to begin writing and using my voice and building a small business of my own. It gave me the strength to show up through comparison, perfectionism, and so much fear – not just in business but in all aspects of life.

As I buried people I love. As I learned to love myself. As I said yes to my own growth and opened up to joyful possibility. As I practiced loving and listening and not quitting even though I always felt behind, anxious, and more than a tiny bit lacking.

But it was enough.

When you need community but friendship and trusting and setting boundaries and learning to listen and love better is messy but you keep loving anyway and choosing vulnerability. Who you are will be enough.

When you step out bravely to start a business that’s tangled up with your heart, but life keeps getting even messier and you have limited bandwidth and emotional energy and only a couple of small (but important) gifts to share. That little bit of light you have to offer will be enough.

When your baby dies and you know your life is still beautiful and good but there is a really big and important piece missing and living is so damn hard at times. Somehow this imperfect and beautiful life will be enough for you.

When your spirit, body and mind feel ripped to shreds and you don’t know for sure when you’ll feel normal again, each small step you take, every extended exhale, every time you go for a walk in the wooded trails, every choice to keep saying yes to life

Keep trusting.

It will be enough.

Krista xo

This is what I needed to hear this morning and I thought maybe someone else needed the reminder today – so from one messy and imperfect life to another, I offer this small blog post to you. And I trust, it will be enough.


You're imperfect. Life is messy. Show up anyway. I'll help you figure out how.

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8 comments on “It Will Be Enough

  1. Bless you for writing this article! It came in perfect timing and is exactly what I needed. I feel like its a God sent miracle for me, thank you!

  2. Thank you for this post (and all you share through your work), Krista.
    This post was a great gift for me today.
    Every time I read a post of yours I feel better.
    I wish you much peace, comfort, and love from friends and loved ones over the coming holiday season.
    Take good care.
    Much Love,

  3. Thank you so much for your words, sharing and continued courage. You are an inspiration and your timing, for me, is always on point. Wishing you peace, love, light, strength and comfort now and always.

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