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Small step by step we build our lives. Let’s build intentionally.

Welcome – I’m happy you’re here. I care deeply about receiving the gift of life I am handed each ordinary day and choosing wisely, intentionally, how I will spend it. I care about showing up fully to my imperfect but beautiful life.

I want to live well. I want to live on purpose.


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I originally created this Live on Purpose mini challenge for my closed Facebook group. Over the course of one month, I offered 31 habits, one day at a time, to help participants ditch distraction and live more intentionally.

You might choose to walk through the challenge one new habit per day but you could also (and more comfortably) take your time and spread the process out. I recommend establishing a clear deadline, though, to increase the likelihood of follow-through. This challenge is about progress – and purposeful living – not perfection so take what serves you well in this season of life and leave the rest.

Each day of the Live on Purpose Challenge I will present the new habit (fairly briefly) – certain habits will require a little work or thought to personalize and implement. Some days I offer optional, additional resource suggestions that speak to the habit in question. These include links to articles, podcasts, videos or book recommendations. And each habit ends with a prompt for journaling or reflection; for best results, please do not skip the journaling or reflection process.

To truly experience positive change, you will need to write down and track your new habits. I have included a printable 7-day tracking calendar you can use unless you want to track in your current bullet journal or agenda.

If you’re in the market for building some new, healthy habits to help you ditch distraction and live on purpose, let’s begin!

CLICK HERE: You can now get the Live on Purpose Challenge for free!

Some Thoughts From Women Who Participated in the First Live on Purpose Challenge

Krista’s habits were like little droplets of wisdom that I let soak into my soul. It’s incredible how they got me questioning so many different aspects of my daily life, and have already affected my days in incredible ways.         -Betsy Huggins

I can’t express enough how meaningful and helpful the 31 Habits challenge was for me. Every day there was a new challenge to look forward to – each scratching at a different aspect of living with intention.  I especially loved that regardless of where you are on your self-discovery journey, there was always a piece that sparked inspiration and thought. To top it off, Krista offers honest, real commentary and insight. Not at all like a self-help book, more like a wise and trusted friend. Thank you so much for this gift ❤     -Jaime Gillespie

Participating in 31 Habits resulted in such a positive start to the new year. Krista’s approach is encouraging, practical, and thought-provoking. Her posts provided the inspiration I needed to tackle necessary inner and outer work and also the momentum to continue.  There is plenty of rich material to keep me engaged and motivated for months to come. She has my wholehearted endorsement. -Jan C

Thanks to all the encouragement and thought-provoking posts from this challenge, I was able to implement a switch of mindset in order to make smarter decisions about certain things; specifically, that I do not need to be SO accommodating that I either set myself up for disappointment or sidetrack myself away from something I needed to do for the betterment of myself. I’m able to see that I have more of a choice now and that by letting go of some of my habitual automatic thinking, I’m more able to see the situations in a healthier way.     Jennifer Medley

This is a fun and thought-provoking challenge. Krista guides you each day on a different thought, or idea.  Each one makes you think and is easy to make it part of your day. I would highly recommend taking this 31-day journey to learn about yourself.     Leslie Church

What a wonderful and worthwhile month of 31 challenges this has been! The program provides engaging ideas for reflection and change and is something I’ll continue to use as I move forward in “my beautiful yet imperfect life”. Krista’s gentle and encouraging ways reinforce that the journey (not the destination) is what is most important. Many thanks to Krista for sharing her own life-giving journey.     -Carol K.

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Enjoy! And feel free to reach out to and let me know how it goes.

Krista xo

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