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The Brief Rundown

Brave & Beautiful is a paid membership community, a virtual women’s circle of sorts, where I provide mind-body education & encouragement to you help you lived an unshackled life of deeper purpose, health and joy. I host guest teachers also working in the mind-body health arena, engage regularly with you in a safe space where you are free to tell the truth and be heard, offer relevant resource recommendations and where I offer biweekly interactive educational calls to help you grow and move forward in your life & mind-body health goals.

The A Life in Progress Community is like a year-long class with me but less intensive and for a fraction of the price (you may join at any time as this is an ongoing community).

This group is for those of you ready to show up, engage and do the work. It is only for women who are willing to be kind and supportive and acknowledge that although we are all on this journey together, we are not all at the same place. We must respect differences of experience and perspective and practice listening. Scroll down to read more about who this community is for.

Because this community is deeply important to me – it is the core of the work I want to do in the world – members also receive a discount off of my other paid products and services.

Email me with your questions or jump on board now to take advantage of the early bonuses. We are launching in September but sign up now to take advantage of the sale price.

Membership Community: 1 year introductory rate $299 CAD* (Regular Price $429 CAD)

*First 10 members get a bonus 60 min private consult with me and a free CALM Mini-Course (value $154 CAD)

After you pay to join the Brave & Beautiful Community, you will be added to a private Facebook group. Educational calls will take place using Zoom or a similar platform and/or via FB Live within our private group.

You Are In The Right Place If…

  • You are looking for hope & encouragement to show up fully to your imperfect but beautiful life.
  • You want to craft a slower, simpler life. One that is intentional but has lots of breathing room for meaningful connection and savoring the small gifts of today.
  • You are a wrestler, a questioner, one who struggles and desires a safe space to hang out and be reminded that you are not alone and that you matter.
  • You want to live mind-body-spirit healthy but you opt out of fads and know that the size of your jeans does not dictate your worth.
  • You are ready to begin living like you are enough.

If you are unsure if my community is right for you, email me at and we can arrange a phone chat to discuss your needs and if I think I can serve you in this space.

Read More About My Vision For This Space

In my work as a Holistic Nutrition & Joyful Living Educator I focus primarily on mind-body health. I hold a vision of offering a safe space – a Safe House – for women of all walks of life to come and get patched up, encouraged and nourished so they can continue their journey to freedom. I want to gather women together across racial, religious, political, age, body size, life experience divides. To invite us to let down our guard, lay down our weapons and lift each other up. Listen and learn from each other. When we offer our sisters safe spaces we ourselves are nourished.

My desire is to be a light of hope and encouragement. To take all my struggle and study and offer it to others needing to be reminded that they – you – matter. That you are worthy of love and compassion right now. Not when you lose 50 pounds or finally break that addiction or get your act perfectly together. Right now in the middle of the storm.

I believe we all have gifts to offer the world – small and subtle or big and flashy, it does not matter. You are gifted. You are knit together like amazing artwork, for a purpose. You are needed. You may have walked through some horrible darkness or your life may have been fairly safe and secure to this point but either way, you have gifts to bring to the world. But really, it is hard to offer who we are and to live the life we truly desire if we are nutrient deficient or overstuffed but undernourished. Depleted, depressed, discouraged.

We are all imperfect. Not one of us has life all perfectly figured out. We are all still on the journey and learning to nourish ourselves well. I invite you to come join me in this community, this circle of brave & beautiful women, to be nourished and equipped that you may continue your journey to freedom.

Membership Community: 1 year introductory rate $299 CAD* (Regular Price $429 CAD)

*First 10 members get a bonus 60 min private consult with me and a free CALM Mini-Course (value $154 CAD)


Topics to Be Discussed & Format of the Community

About every 6 weeks I will introduce a theme related to living an unshackled life of purpose, health & joy. Biweekly educational calls, guest speakers, links and other materials or resource recommendations will all align to this theme. Themes may vary according to the needs of the group and there will be some natural crossover between topics.

In this first year alone we will welcome 4-6 vibrant guest speakers all of whom are engaged in meaningful, life-changing work with women around the world.

They offer their gifts as:

  • a Parenting Educator & Mindset Coach
  • a Naturopath & Food Freedom Coach
  • an Emotional Eating Coach
  • a Writing Coach for Creative Women
  • a Holistic Nutritional Consultant who will speak to my topics “rebranding middle age” or “joyful aging”
  • an author and minimalism blogger

Honestly, the time spent gleaning from these women is worth more than the entire year’s membership fee. 

Because you all live around the globe, I will choose two optimal times for videos (based on a questionnaire, ex. 12 noon and 7 pm EST) and then rotate the times of each video. Don’t forget, even if you can’t make a video live, you will have ongoing access to the replay!

Conversation within our community is not restricted to a theme so all year you are free to ask questions, to engage with each other, and to receive support for the issues on your mind and heart. In addition, if one of these topics does not directly relate to you, you will undoubtedly still find the community valuable. Some of the themes I have in mind include:

  • Life Visioning: personality type, gifting, daring to dream again, learning to take baby steps, surrender vs. complacency, is it OK if you want a “mediocre” life?, deciding for yourself who and how you choose to be/choosing your own labels, living with purpose, learning to listen in
  • The Power of Mindset: stress mindset, growth mindset, shifting our thoughts, challenging the stories we tell ourselves, letting go of the black and white/all or nothing mentality, perfectionism and procrastination, resilience, noticing our wins
  • Self acceptance & Self Care: going deeper with personality type, loving the body you’re in, nourishing yourself with kindness, disordered eating and addiction*, do you know what makes you happy?, life beyond wife and mom, play
  • Holistic Health: practices from the healthiest cultures of the world, the primary pillars of health, gut health, blood sugar balancing, breaking cravings, living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, sleep hygiene, honoring your cycle, hormone balance
  • Purposeful Living: letting go of everything that holds us back, mental and emotional clutter, physical clutter – minimalism or simple living, addiction, fear, unhealthy spending habits, unhealthy relationships
  • Habit Formation & Happiness Research: evening and morning routines, goal tracking, how can we use the research to live with greater happiness or joy?
  • Rebranding Middle Age: becoming a wise woman, health and mindset shifts for joyful aging, purpose and meaning as we move through seasons of life, transition, loss, stepping into our strengths, creativity, contribution, using your voice
  • Anxiety and Depression*: evidence based nutrition, supplement and lifestyle tips for caring for yourself well if you or someone you love struggle(s) with anxiety or depression, numbing and running (and because I’m diving into more studies about brain health and cognitive function, we’ll be chatting about this as well!)

*If you have an eating disorder, an addiction, or are suffering with deep depression or anxiety, you are strongly encouraged to seek help from a professional. Some of my clients work with me at the same time as they work with therapists and medical doctors, but you must not rely on the support of this group alone. Your life matters.

Why You Should Invest Your Heart & Resources in This Community

I am asking you to make an investment in your mind-body health by joining me in this private community. For less than the price of 3 private health consults with me you will receive 12 months of ongoing education and support. My hope is to do less 1:1 work so I can spend more time with you here as my vision comes to life and this community grows; I believe this is how I am called to love & serve women – as an educator & encourager.

A community such as this offers a multitude of benefits:

  • It allows you to build strong, potentially life-long, relationships
  • to learn from the experiences and perspectives of other women
  • to share your story and be heard in a safe space
  • to get clear on who and how you choose to be
  • to find accountability as you practice new habits and mindsets
  • to be inspired, challenged, and uplifted on a daily basis
  • to ask questions and receive helpful, informed feedback
  • to take part in guided challenges related to the theme at hand
  • to learn from educators in various fields of mind-body health
  • to receive a discount off of additional mini-trainings and 1:1 consultations

I have tasted first hand the gift of community in the classes I have taught. But only a handful of women can fit inside my living room. And many women that want and need to connect live spread out all around the world and have not found a space where they fit in their local communities; plenty of you are also strong introverts and feel safest communicating in a virtual group. In addition, when my classes come to an end many women express sadness at the loss of our community and a desire for ongoing support and connection. And I want this too.

The A Life in Progress Membership Community will help answer these concerns. But again, this is not simply a gathering place. It is a space designed to help each of us get patched up, encouraged and well-nourished so that we can ultimately live unshackled lives of purpose, health and joy.

Thank you for trusting me with your heart and resources.

Membership Community: 1 year introductory rate $299 CAD* (Regular Price $429 CAD)

*First 10 members get a bonus 60 min private consult with me and a free CALM Mini-Course (value $154 CAD)

After you pay to join the community, you will be added to a private Facebook group. Educational calls will take place using Zoom or a similar platform and/or via FB Live within our private group.

This group is not currently active. Sign up for email updates to learn about when it will open up again.

Krista xo

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