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Life is so imperfect. And beautiful.

If we are to really live – abundantly – we need to make space for messy. We need to embrace the truth that life can be really hard, challenging, scary, and painful – but also a beautiful adventure.

We get to decide who and how we want to be in the world and how we’ll show up to life.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. Viktor Frankl

My Membership Community is one way that we can gather together and make space.

It’s a place for you to receive evidence-based education & encouragement to help you learn and practice the tools, mindset shifts, and habits that help us live mind-body healthy and show up fully – with joy and purpose – to our imperfect & beautiful lives.

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I’m capping my membership to 35 people to start*// The doors close September 7th until January 2020*

Door to the Brave & Beautiful Membership are now closed until January 2020.

Please join my email list (at the bottom of this page) to be the first to know when the membership opens up again, or ask to be put on my wait-list as spaces will be limited.

Over the years I’ve taught courses that ranged from 1-3 months long; time and time again participants asked for a way to stay connected for a longer duration. Sometimes we need more time to delve deeply into a topic and begin walking it out in our own lives.

The membership community will not be about stuffing our lives full to the brim with information – instead I’m aiming for time and space to discuss, reflect, and engage with the ideas in a gentle and encouraging manner. But you’ll also get support from me and each other when you feel stuck or need examples or extra encouragement to keep going.

(Please note, I’m capping the membership at 35 participants to start and the doors close September 7th until January 2020**)

What it looks like:

  • Educational focus on one topic per month to help you live with purpose, health & joy
  • An average of 2 coaching calls per month on the current topic (you do not have to join live)
  • Handouts/worksheets where applicable, suggested action steps, related resources ideas
  • Guest interviews (some exclusive to the group) from interesting people walking their talk
  • Connection & opportunity to build relationship with growth-minded people
  • Opportunity for jumping on “hot seat” live coaching videos with me
  • Free access to my digital products for the year and 10% off 1:1 consults and live courses for members who join before September 7 including this mini-course and this course ($120 value)

Coaching calls will be offered via FB Lives – times will be announced at least a week beforehand and varied in time to make it fun for participants from different corners of the world. Showing up live is absolutely not required as replays will be available to watch or listen to when you’re ready.

You’ll be welcome to apply to jump on “hot seat” coaching videos with me – these are informal ways to get a little extra support with your questions and concerns and of course, we’ll all learn as we listen and observe what fellow members are working through.

I’ll be open to helping members form “listening partnerships” (kind of a buddy or support system for members who would love a monthly or biweekly call with someone who will listen and encourage) with each other but this will depend on the interest of group. While I’ll be leading the group, I hope you’ll build relationship with other members and glean encouragement and wisdom from each other as well.

Weekly Structure:

We’ll break each topic down and filter it through the following structure.

  • Week one// WHY: I’ll introduce the topic of the month and WHY it matters; we’ll examine our experience and thoughts about it, any compelling research, and we’ll get honest about where we’re at. Self-awareness is essential to sustainable and healthy growth.
  • Week two // WHAT: We’ll start talking about WHAT we want for ourselves in this area (we’ll establish personal goals and intentions) while staying grounded in self-compassion and I’ll offer ideas for WHAT we can do to grow and begin practicing the concepts for the month.
  • Week three // HOW: We’ll get more specific about HOW to apply the habits, tools, mindset shifts or the practical application of ideas (and how to sustain positive change) and we’ll address issues or resistance that come up; this is about taking imperfect action to move closer to who and how we choose to be in the world. In this week I’ll provide additional resource recommendations for further exploration.
  • Week four // Rest & Reflect: We need time to synthesize and notice what’s showing up for us, and we need time for actual rest. This week also allows time to catch up on videos or work from the previous weeks if you want it. You’ll receive (optional) prompts to help guide you in self-reflection.

General topics I’m likely to cover:

  • Self-awareness & self-acceptance  – including learning to identify and leverage your strengths, personality typing, and practicing liking who you are and how you’re wired
  • Quieting the noise of comparison and the trap of trying to keep up & measure up – including exploring the idea that “you’re enough” and how to build a life of “enough”
  • The roots of perfectionism & the gifts of loosening our grip – including the risks of perfectionism, how it shows up in our life, and how we can learn to lessen its grip on us
  • Mind-body approaches to moving through fear or managing mental-wellness – including nutrition, supplements and lifestyle strategies to care for our mind-body health
  • Mindset & learning to be the boss of our thoughts – including learning to see differently, to build a healthy stress-mindset, and to practice examining and shifting our thoughts
  • Life Visioning & building a sustainable and joyful life – including productivity tips, time and energy management, setting healthy boundaries, mindfulness and mindful living, and building a right-sized life
  • Seasonal Living – including mining for the gifts in every season including that of middle age, empty nest, grief or loss, and caring for ourselves well in seasons of transition
  • Learning to take imperfect action and offer your gifts – including how to notice what’s up when you feel stuck, leveraging your strengths, identifying core motivations, the importance of community and contribution
  • The how of happiness – including the research around longevity and well-being, gratitude, building supportive networks, and building resilience
  • Sustainable habit formation – including why I approach growth or change from a perspective of already being enough, choosing an “all or something” mindset, and research around healthy habit formation

These topics are huge so in one month we’d walk through one thread of an idea – the why, the what, and the how-to with supporting evidence or resources.

Where we’ll begin in September 2019:

  • We will begin our time together in September focusing on why self-kindness is essential for sustainable growth and building a life of purpose, health, and joy.
  • We’ll talk about what it looks/feels/sounds like to live with resilience and self-compassion, common obstacles/resistance that keep us feeling low, not good enough, or mired in self-judgment
  • You’ll learn strategies and practices for choosing and putting down strong roots of self-kindness or self-compassion and receive relevant worksheets or resource recommendations
  • And in addition to my regular “coaching calls” on September 18th, 4 pm MST, I’ll interview Dr. Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist, about developing radical courage and her work around self-kindness (this interview will be live on my main FB page)

More topics coming fall 2019 or early 2020:

These interviews will run on my A Life in Progress Facebook page because I want everyone to have access to them and inside the Membership we’ll go deeper and apply the work to our lives.//Subject to change.

  • Oct 15, 2 pm MST: My interview with Courtney Carver of Be More With Less will be on the topic of “being more with less” and simplifying life in order to really live.
  • RESCHEDULED TO: Oct 21, 1 pm MST: I’m excited to talk with Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha about creativity – trusting ourselves, making space for creativity, and making the everyday beautiful.
  • Nov 19, 12:30 MST: Author Heidi Barr and I will connect on the topic of tiny intentional practices as a way of navigating uncertainty and showing up with courage through the storms of life.
  • Dec 16, 2 pm MST: I will interview Dr. Christina Bjorndal, author and Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health and mental health, about strategies for guarding our mental health and the bravery of asking for help.

The Brave & Beautiful Community is for women who

  • Are in the messy middle of life
  • Are growth-minded or getting there, and who believe that we choose our response to life
  • Want to learn, chew on ideas, grow, stretch, and who believe (or are drawn to the idea that) every season of life offers new gifts and opportunity
  • Are interested in mind-body wellness
  • Want to live with self-awareness and self-compassion and walk in quiet confidence
  • Feel ready to take (imperfect) action to build “right-sized lives” of purpose, health, and joy
  • Are tired of letting perfectionism, comparison, or fear be the boss of your life
  • Feel a little weary or beat-up by life and are looking for community and support to continue showing up fully – with joy and purpose – to every single day and season of life.

This community is not for women who

  • Are in crisis, addiction, or newly diagnosed mental health conditions and need 1:1 professional support
  • Are looking for more personal, individualized, deeper support for their health or life (although you may join the membership and also work with me 1:1)
  • Are not yet ready to do the messy inner work to grow, stretch, and take personal responsibility for their response to life
  • Are looking for quick or superficial fixes for their pain or struggles
  • Don’t feel they can build healthy, respectful relationship with others who may come from a different viewpoint, lifestyle, or life experience

It takes courage to continue forging ahead with intention through all the ups and downs of life. To say yes to growing, stretching, becoming, and to keeping your heart soft as you go. Staying open to the beauty and gifts of life – choosing to see them – rather than staying stuck in the challenges.

I believe in taking imperfect action so I’m starting my community simply using a closed Facebook group (Facebook is required to join at this point) and opening it up via 6 or 12-month memberships. Many of you avoid social media and I’m willing to look at options that live off FB if there is enough interest so please do let me know.

For less than the cost of three 1:1 consults you’ll get a whole year of encouragement and practical support!

The membership will officially begin September 9th (with introductions beginning early September) – but I’ll add people to the group slow and steady, in the meantime.

Not sure if this is a right fit for you in this season of life? Reach out for a 20 min chat and we’ll figure it out together.

Join the Brave & Beautiful Membership!

I’m capping my membership to 35 people to start*// The doors close September 7th until January 2020*

Door to the Brave & Beautiful Membership are now closed until January 2020.

Please join my email list (at the bottom of this page) to be the first to know when the membership opens up again, or ask to be put on my wait-list as spaces will be limited.

The Brave & Beautiful Community is an idea that was planted a couple years ago and is only now putting out shoots. Some things take time to put down roots and come to fruition.

Before you go, I want you to know that if you don’t feel “brave and beautiful” right now – this group is exactly for you. For most of my life I felt anything but. But over time, as I learned to show up through fear and finally decided I’m good enough, I realized that I always was far braver than I realized and that I am messy, imperfect, and beautiful too. So are you.

We can choose to SAY YES to showing up fully to our imperfect & beautiful lives.

I look forward to connecting – and if you have any questions about my new community please reach out here.

Krista xo


Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
I'll help you figure out how.

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