Brave & Beautiful Membership Community


Life is so imperfect. And beautiful.

If we are to really live – abundantly – we need to make space for messy. We need to embrace the truth that life can be really hard, challenging, scary, and painful – but also a beautiful adventure.

We get to decide who and how we want to be in the world and how we’ll show up to life.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” — Viktor Frankl

The Brave & Beautiful Membership Community is one way that we can gather together and make space.

It’s a place for you to receive evidence-based education & encouragement to help you learn and practice the tools, mindset shifts, and habits that help us live mind-body healthy and show up fully – with joy and purpose – to our imperfect & beautiful lives.

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Doors to the Brave & Beautiful Membership are open, registration has begun, and the community is capped at 50 women. We’ll begin together January 6th, 2020. Invest in yourself today!

$150 — 3 months of Brave & Beautiful Membership

*Jan through March 2020

$300 — 8 months of Brave & Beautiful Membership

*Jan through Aug 2020

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Brave & Beautiful Membership Community

Imagine being part of a private community to talk about the things that truly matter to you

We’ll begin the new year talking about building a sustainable and “right-sized” life of purpose, health & JOY:

Instead of drifting, following status-quo, or trying to keep up and measure up, we can identify our top values and priorities for this season of life and ensure that any goals we set flow out of these. We’ll work on crafting a life vision to work toward but then loosening our grip on a particular outcome. Instead, we’ll focus on the weekly and daily habits/practices/behaviors that have the biggest positive impact on our life. This helps us build resilience and confidence in our ability to do hard things; we build resilience as we take responsibility for that which we can control in life.

Together we will examine information around healthy habit formation, productivity, how to show up through procrastination, and how to quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear.

We need to take an honest look at where (and who) we are, where we want to go or how we choose to be in the world and be willing to let go of what no longer serves us. We’ll talk about what it means to live “on purpose” vs finding “a purpose.” We’ll learn about how setting healthy boundaries, learning to use our voice, and living mindfully helps us stay the course.

“Finding you and your courses have been life-giving for me. I feel like it is a debt I will never be able to repay.” — Roxanne R

A monthly roadmap and dedicated guide just for you

Each month we walk through the following structure as we dive into our new topic and apply the work to our lives.:

Week One// WHY

I’ll introduce the topic of the month and WHY it matters; we’ll examine our experience and thoughts about it, any compelling research, and we’ll get honest about where we’re at. Self-awareness is essential to sustainable and healthy growth.

Week Two // WHAT

We’ll start talking about WHAT we want for ourselves in this area (we’ll establish personal goals and intentions) while staying grounded in self-compassion and I’ll offer ideas for WHAT we can do to grow and begin practicing the concepts for the month.

Week Three // HOW

We’ll get more specific about HOW to apply the habits, tools, mindset shifts or the practical application of ideas (and how to sustain positive change) and we’ll address issues or resistance that come up; this is about taking imperfect action to move closer to who and how we choose to be in the world.

Week Four // Rest & Reflect

We need time to synthesize and notice what’s showing up for us, and we need time for actual rest. This week also allows time to catch up on videos or work from the previous weeks if you want it. You’ll receive (optional) prompts to help guide you in self-reflection and I’ll provide additional resource recommendations for further exploration.

Join the Brave & Beautiful Membership for 3 months – $150 ($50/monthly)

*Jan through March 2020

Invest in yourself for 8 months – $300 ($37.50/monthly)

*Jan through Aug 2020

Brave & Beautiful Membership Community

When you invest in this community, you also get…

The Brave & Beautiful community is not about stuffing our lives full to the brim with information; you already have full lives. In this community, you will find ample time and space to discuss, reflect, and engage with the ideas in a gentle and encouraging manner. You also get support from me and each other when you feel stuck or need encouragement to keep going.

As a member of this inspirational community you will receive:

  • Educational focus on one topic per month to help you live with purpose, health & joy
  • An average of 2 coaching calls per month on the current topic (you do not have to join live)
  • PDF on the topic of the month with suggested action steps, resources ideas, and worksheets plus access to previous modules
  • Guest interviews (some exclusive to the group) from interesting people walking their talk
  • Connection & opportunity to build relationships with growth-minded people
  • Special rates for 1:1 consults for deeper, individualized support

The membership is capped at 50 women so that we can build a relationship and I can offer my attention in meaningful ways. We’ll begin together January 6th, 2020. 

Get started today with a trial membership – $150

*Jan through March 2020

Save $100 when you invest in a Brave & Beautiful Membership for 8 months – $300

*Jan through Aug 2020

*If you have an issue with the shopping cart (as happens on occasion), you may also send payment via Paypal to or reach out to me at that email for help.

“I have loved Krista’s blog posts for years and now her written resources and the membership community. She has an incredible gift not only of words but also of really seeing into the struggles common to so many women. Krista doesn’t just leave us to struggle—she helps find a way to shift our mindset, look at our circumstances differently and help us find joy and celebrate the win, no matter how small. She is patient, knowledgeable and caring. The resources she writes are life-giving to me. I find myself learning something profoundly new and helpful each time I go through the materials. I have worked with her privately in the past and now I am enjoying the Brave and Beautiful membership community. Krista facilitates a safe space for people to share concerns and celebrates our joy and successes. The women in the group are supportive and helpful. They are the best cheerleaders. No one wants to leave anyone in struggle; however, no one forces anything.” —   Teresa C


Building meaningful relationships

Coaching calls
will be offered via FB Lives – Showing up live is absolutely not required as replays will be available to watch or listen to when you’re ready.

I’ll be open to helping members form “listening partnerships” (kind of a buddy or support system for members who would love a monthly or biweekly call with someone who will listen and encourage) with each other but this will depend on the interest of the group. While I’ll be leading the group, I hope you’ll build a relationship with other members and glean encouragement and wisdom from each other as well.

As a community, we gather inside a private Facebook group (Facebook is required to join) – this is where you’ll receive your monthly PDF, applicable worksheets, join the FB lives (or watch the replays), ask me questions, and initiate dialogue with other members.

“I feel like this group has already helped me start living my own life, and for that, I thank you all!”      Cindy P

Brave & Beautiful Membership Community

Is the Brave & Beautiful Community the right fit for me?

I love this beautiful gathering of women and believe it offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow together in a kind and supportive environment. But it’s not a right-fit for everyone in every season.

The Brave & Beautiful Community is for women who:

  • Are in the messy middle of life
  • Are growth-minded, believe that we choose our response to life, and are tired of letting perfectionism, comparison, or fear be the boss of their life
  • Are interested in mind-body wellness and want to learn, chew on ideas, grow, stretch, and who believe (or are drawn to the idea that) every season of life offers new gifts and opportunity
  • Want to live with self-awareness and self-compassion and walk in quiet confidence and feel ready to take (imperfect) action to build “right-sized lives” of purpose, health, and joy
  • Feel a little weary or beat-up by life and are looking for community and support to continue showing up fully – with joy and purpose – to every single day and season of life

This community is not for women who:

  • Are in crisis, addiction, or newly diagnosed mental health conditions and need 1:1 professional support
  • Are looking for more personal, individualized, deeper support for their health or life (although you may join the membership and also work with me 1:1)
  • Are not yet ready to do the messy inner work to grow, stretch, and take personal responsibility for their response to life
  • Are looking for quick or superficial fixes for their pain or struggles
  • Don’t feel they can build healthy, respectful relationships with others who may come from a different viewpoint, lifestyle, or life experience

It takes courage to continue forging ahead with intention through all the ups and downs of life. To say yes to growing, stretching, becoming, and to keeping your heart soft as you go. Staying open to the beauty and gifts of life – choosing to witness and receive them – rather than staying stuck in the struggle or pain.

Get started today with a trial membership – $150

*Jan through March 2020

Save $100 when you invest in a Brave & Beautiful Membership for 8 months – $300

*Jan through Aug 2020

If you don’t feel “brave and beautiful” right now…


Before you go, I want you to know that if you don’t feel “brave and beautiful” right now – this group is exactly for you. For most of my life I felt anything but. But over time, as I learned to show up through fear and finally decided I’m good enough, I realized that I always was far braver than I realized and that I am messy, imperfect, and beautiful too. So are you.

We can choose to SAY YES to showing up fully to our imperfect & beautiful lives.

Not sure if this is a right fit for you in this season of life? Reach out for a 20 min chat and we’ll figure it out together.

I look forward to connecting – and if you have any questions about my new community please reach out here.

Krista xo

Brave & Beautiful Membership Community

“Krista’s blog simply speaks to me. It’s growth-minded, raw, & real. Sometimes I see myself living the self-care, mindfulness theme well, but other times I just want to move about my day and not overly focus on anything. I wasn’t sure about an online community because I am “offline” mostly. I feel the connectedness though! Gretchen Rubin talks honestly in her Happiness Project about how some days she doesn’t want to hold the door for that slower woman behind her. I appreciate Krista so much for continuing this journey. I really see it as her gift and thank her.” — Tara B


Registration is Now Closed! Join my email list to hear when doors open once more.

Doors to the Brave & Beautiful Membership are open, registration has begun. My membership is capped at 50 women so that we can build a relationship and I can offer my attention in meaningful ways. When you join, you’ll also get great insights from women like this:

  • Oct 15, 2 pm MST: My interview with Courtney Carver of Be More With Less will be on the topic of “being more with less” and simplifying life in order to really live.
  • Nov 19, 12:30 MST: Author Heidi Barr and I will connect on the topic of tiny intentional practices as a way of navigating uncertainty and showing up with courage through the storms of life.
  • Dec 19, 2pm MST: I will interview Dr. Christina Bjorndal, author and Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health and mental health, about strategies for guarding our mental health and the bravery of asking for help.
  • January 24: Zina Harrington of Becoming UnBusy and I will chat about what building a sustainable and “right-sized” life looks like for her; we’ll talk about Becoming Unbusy and how the tools of financial freedom and modern minimalism help her move closer to the life she wants.
  • Feb 25: I look forward to talking with Julie Beland, psychotherapist & sensitivity specialist, about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and tips for caring for ourselves well as HSP’s and walking in our unique strengths.

The email you use to register will be added to or tagged on MY EMAIL LIST so that you receive updates and important details about the membership.

Join the Brave & Beautiful Membership for 3 months – $150

*Jan through March 2020

Join the Brave & Beautiful Membership for 8 months – $300

*Jan through Aug 2020

“I have followed Krista’s work for a couple years now. She has challenged me to see” how” I’m thinking, and that it’s OK not to be perfect in this messy life. The Brave and Beautiful Membership Community has shown me that others are also seeking answers to a messy life, while still being imperfect. I truly believe we are becoming “Community.” Thank You Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui, for all your hard work, and leadership.” Deb Gates

Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
I'll help you figure out how.

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