Why I (Joyfully) Eat Frozen Pizza on Friday Nights

Inside: the thing that has made the biggest positive impact on my mental health – on my capacity to live with joy – is choosing to embrace imperfection and “good enough.” I choose to live imperfectly – On purpose.

Why I (joyfully) eat frozen pizza on Friday nights…

Because last spring as the apple trees began to bloom, I wanted to die. I had been living with heightened anxiety again for months and asked for help, unheard. And then the anxiety left suddenly and I plummeted into despair. I wept and reasoned my way through my options for leaving, quite certain it would be best for everyone involved.

Fortunately, in my hard-fought wisdom, I don’t keep any sort of pill at home. I walked for hours and was able, the next day I think, to make a doctor appointment and get some blood work to adjust my meds for Hashimoto’s. Sometimes micro-adjustments matter.

My sweet doctor, at our consult, after I told her the hard truth, suggested that I lower my standards somewhere. With your food, perhaps, she suggested. Of course, I balked. She obviously didn’t realize just how important nutrition is to my mental health, I thought. But a few days later, maybe a week, I surrendered. I needed help.

Sometimes help has come in the form of counseling or medication. Sometimes in the arms of a friend or the compassionate touch of my husband. It comes in sleep and waking, and dark chocolate. But sometimes, help comes in lowering my standards and eating frozen pizza on a Friday night.

Krista xo

NOW WHAT? Your mental health matters. It matters more than trying to do life perfectly, pretending that all is well, or trying to manage others’ perceptions of you. What serves us in this season may look different in the next. But one thing that has consistently made a huge, positive impact on my mental health – on my capacity to live with joy – is lowering the bar and embracing imperfection. I choose to live imperfectly. On purpose. (This post is was originally posted on FB a year ago).

You're imperfect. Life is messy. Show up anyway.
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8 comments on “Why I (Joyfully) Eat Frozen Pizza on Friday Nights

  1. Thank you. You are the voice keeping me reasonably anchored in waters that would swamp my little boat if I let myself believe again in perfectionism. I read your posts. Yes, I say. Be messy. Be afraid. Show up until your social anxiety drives you back to a safer place. But at least show up and share a little joy.

  2. I love your honest, transparent and absolutely relatable posts and newsletters. I think you’re making a huge difference in a lot of lives and reminding us that imperfect is absolutely okay!

    • Thank you, Lindsey. Makes me happy envisioning people waking up every day excited to show up to their imperfect, messy, sometimes hard – and also beautiful lives or not quitting when the storms come because they’re anchored and strong.

  3. Krista, your perfect blogs, about imperfection, really help fill my soul. I have been struggling lately on my journey as well so it’s consoling to know I am not alone. I’ve been trying so hard to find my balance, learning to be content, find my joy, continue being creative, being open and vulnerable. Meditating, seeing a counselor, reading inspirational blogs, listening to enlightening podcasts, creating my art, being with friends helps. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  4. <3 yes, this! Lowering standards or in my case – releasing the guilt! As a "holistic health coach" and aromatherapist very active on social media, I felt the pressure to eat all the good food (and of course, take pix and post it) and I was tired of that kind of pressure!! I've released it this past year, finally, and allowed myself a "whatever" meal for my family more than I care to admit now and we're living life happier, a little less health-perfectly… but its a relief!

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