How You See Changes Everything: Mindset Really Matters

mindset matters

Mindset is the window through which you view the world, yourself, and your experiences. It is formed of your core beliefs and has a massive influence on how you think, behave, and walk through life.

Mindset matters.

A positive view of ageing will add an average 8 years to your life,  encourage you to engage in more health-promoting behaviours and enjoy the journey far more.

If you believe that purposeful treats are a joyful aspect of life you will look forward to them and feel a heightened sense of fullness and pleasure compared to if you feel shame around eating which can lead to disordered patterns of bingeing or restricting.

Believing that you are capable and resilient will increase your ability to weather the storm and come out the other side strong and intact.

Acknowledging that stress can be positive, rather than numbing or running away from all stress, will empower you to take purposeful risks and do the work you love in the world with more joy and ease.

Assuming that most people in this world are kind and want to live in peace, just as you do, will diminish fear and competition while opening up a spirit of generosity and cooperation.

Remembering that while you are imperfect you are also gifted, needed and that you offer a unique gift to the world can break the destructive power of comparison and bring freedom for you to just be you.

A core belief that even the most painful experience can teach you something helps you look for the gifts and refuse to give up.

With practice, you can rewire a lifetime pattern of thought and behaviour to live happier and healthier. Mindset matters.


A belief that all human beings have worth increases your capacity to forgive, to interact with compassion, to remember that everyone has a story.

A belief that you have great worth enables you to walk with greater confidence, avoid abusive relationships and advocate for yourself when needed.

Remembering that even if you fail you yourself are not a failure permits you to risk, to go on adventures, to pick yourself up quickly and move forward after a setback rather than falling completely off the wagon and staying there.

A belief that your past does not dictate your future prevents you from feeling hopeless and stuck; today is a new day and opportunity to become who and how you want to be.

An openness to change creates space for new relationships, new adventures, new opportunities – holding tightly to what was shuts you down and stifles growth and happiness.

Keeping in mind that genetic predisposition does not guarantee your future encourages you to make positive nutrition and lifestyle choices today, not out of fear but simply because you love yourself well.

A sense of personal responsibility shelters you from a victim mentality and inspires problem-solving and seeking out the next possible baby step that can move you forward.

The belief that there are enough wealth, success and material goods to go around in the world shuts down greed and jealousy while encouraging generosity, compassion, and joyful living.

Understanding that your worth has nothing to do with stuff, body size or fame frees you up to determine your own personal values and live your beautiful life accordingly.

Being clear that every single ordinary day is a gift decreases stress, opens your senses up to the beauty all around you (even if you need to look really hard!) and encourages you to breathe it all in deeply rather than rushing or living in the future.

Understanding that every person and experience we encounter has something to teach us gives us ears to hear, lessens arrogance and combativeness, and helps us grow in wisdom.

Remembering that your weaknesses are most often the flip-side of your greatest strengths breaks shame and encourages you to embrace the way you are knit together, to find healthy ways to compensate for your weaknesses and to figure out how you can shine using your greatest strengths.

The belief that most of your happiness resides within your control compels you to stop whining and take action.

Understanding that those who succeed at their craft are often not just born more gifted but have put more work into honing their skills propels you to sit your butt down and practice. Then practice some more.

A belief that baby steps count will release you from a destructive all-or-nothing attitude and empower you to create sustainable, significant change in your life. One step at a time.

A core belief that your body deserves to be loved right now, as is, helps you dance through life with boosted confidence, draws others to you because you radiate soul peace, and significantly increases life satisfaction.

Understanding that we do not have to agree on all things to be kind creates an amazing opportunity for learning, building bridges, enlarging our understanding, meeting new interesting people, and being the change we hope to see in the world.

The belief that environment plays a huge role in who you are propels you to choose your friends wisely, to take ownership of what you can control and to carefully consider the influence you have on those people within your circle of impact.

How you see changes everything. Mindset really matters.

Krista xo

To learn more about developing a healthy mindset, read (referral links) The Upside of Stress and Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. I’ll be teaching about mindset and learning to be the boss of our thoughts in my new Show up Afraid course too!

*originally published May 14, 2016


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