I value ongoing education (formal and self-directed) and spending time in research in order to support my clients and class participants.

A lot of the wisdom and support I offer also comes from the work I’ve done personally to put down deep, strong roots of self-awareness and self-compassion and to show up fully to life, in every season.

Ongoing Education

Bachelor of Education with a Major in French Immersion Education: Grande Prairie Regional College, Université Laval – Québec, Faculté St.Jean- Edmonton. 6 years to become bilingual (I had no French training prior to my degree) and complete all requirements of my B.ED. except for the final practicum. Incomplete.

Diploma in Natural Nutrition: Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 2-year program.

Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice: Josh Gitalis, Functional Nutritionist. 2-day course.

The Institute of Nutritional Leadership (Health Coaching): Dr. Josh Axe, certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist. 8-week course.

Mindfulness Counselling Strategies – Activating Compassion and Regulation: Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc. 2 day course.

Holistic Nutrition Lab: Digestive Intensive: Andrea Nakayama, a 4-week course on the science and art of functional nutrition.

The Power of Resilience: Helping Clients Overcome Stress and Setbacks with Strength and Stability: NICABM, 13 module program walking you through resilience – from its neurological origins to practical strategies and solutions.

Banish Brain Fog: The Six-Week Brain Rescue Plan: a 6-week program from Dr. Datis Kharrazian to improve brain health and function for people with autoimmunity and more.

Your Sacred Self and the Enneagram: Experiential 3-day retreat designed to bring you closer to your Sacred Self while compassionately illuminating the personality coping mechanisms and blind spots that interfere with abundant life.

How to Work with a Client’s Perfectionism: NICABM, 14 module course to help clients achieve their goals without the harsh self-critical drive that’s damaging their mind and body.

Beyond Coaching – The Integrative Health Coaching Program: a 10 module holistic approach that introduces individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating or bipolar disorder to the journey of recovery, by Dr. Christine Bjorndal.

How to Work With Clients Who Are Stuck: NICABM, 11 module course that looks at what causes the neurophysiological patterns that lead to gridlock, and how the unconscious brain creates biases that keep our clients immobilized, and looks at new ways to approach the core fear that traps our clients inside a holding pattern of stagnation.

Practical Brain-Focused Strategies for Working with Depression: NICABM, 12 module course that explores how recent discoveries about neuroplasticity can help clients rewire their brain and relieve depression naturally.

Expert Strategies for Working with Anxiety: NICABM, 10 module course that explores effectively treating anxiety by first understanding how it thwarts the vagus nerve from calming the body. Then it looks at the specific way ambiguity triggers anxiety and how the brain colludes with a panic physiology to wire anxiety into the nervous system.

Level 1 iEQ9 Accreditation (**delayed due to pandemic): Integrative Enneagram Solutions, 4 days of training in understanding and applying the Enneagram for coaching individuals and teams, accreditation in Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire and report interpretation.

Show up and Serve with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist, Trudi Lebron: A workshop for white coaches, therapists, and personal development entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to show up and serve our online communities in times of social crisis. Learn more about Trudi’s work.

If you’re looking for Voice & Vision Support for your life or small business, go here.

Krista xo

THE HOPE MAP: Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
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