Ordinary Magic

ordinary magicInside: I think magic comes in the ordinary – for those willing to see. Do you want more space or permission to pause and notice the ordinary magic of your life?

The streets are black apart from the meager light cast by the streetlamps. But this is more than enough light to illuminate the sparkle of the snowflakes as they begin to fall.

You sense magic in the air.

You throw on a tuque and warm mitts, lace up fuzzy boots, and head out for an impromptu night-time stroll. You can see your breath and small droplets of ice form on the thick scarf wrapped tightly around your neck.

And in this moment, you experience a deep peace. It will only take a half hour or so for the streets to appear as though they are being washed clean by a crunchy layer of white and it feels like maybe your spirit is being washed clean too.

The world is hushed and as you walk through the neighborhood you catch glimpses of people through windows, watching TV or preparing a meal to share, and you witness from the outside that ordinary life is magical too. It is no small thing.

The snow melts quickly as it hits your coat and your fingers become stiff with cold. “One more block,” you think, unwilling to rush away this brief moment in time.

Pause & Consider

1. I think magic comes in the ordinary – for those willing to see. Do you want more space or permission in your life to pause and notice?

2. What are a few practical or concrete things you can do that will allow you to embrace this season more fully?

3. Time in nature in every season can feel restorative; do you want to get out more or perhaps bring a little more nature closer to home?

This is one reflection from my new Winter Mindfulness Journal – live now! Each journal includes 13 weeks of Monday reflections to start off each week with new food for thought and a hearty dose of hope & encouragement. It also offers 3 prompts which invite you to pause & consider.

All proceeds from my winter journal will be used to start an art scholarship in my son, Jairus’, name; Jairus left this world Oct 23, 2019 at 23 years old.

Jairus knew from the age of 7 or 8 that he wanted to be an illustrator, then animator, and after high school he studied animation and game design. Art was an integral part of who he was – and of our family culture.

My winter journal was mostly complete before my son died and choosing to publish it is an act of love and part of my choice to keep living.

I’d like to keep Jairus’ name and memory alive in part by helping another young student of his high school art program attend post-secondary studies in the digital or fine arts.

Krista xo

NOW WHAT? Learn more about all four of my Seasonal Mindfulness Journals here and find a link to the one that corresponds to the season you’re in. If you’re searching on the Amazon shop nearest you, use the term “52 Mondays: Winter Session: A Seasonal Mindfulness Journal.”


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  1. I love the fact you can write and express yourself.When I lost my son to suicide I had no words to express myself to my loved ones.I felt like my grief was a hole so big if I ever opened it I would fall in and never return.

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