You Have Permission to FEEL Angry

permission to feel

Inside: We need PERMISSION TO FEEL and the ability to name emotion in order to move through it. Only by moving through it are we able to process and grow.

The vulnerable work of moving toward wholeness or integration, of examining our identity and embracing the fullness of who we are and how we came to this point of our life, of wrestling with shadow and learning to tell the truth, can only be done as we also deepen our skills of emotional literacy and self-compassion.

We need permission to feel (anger, rage, joy, hope, grief, shame, all of it), then the ability to name emotion in order to move through it. Only by moving through it (vs suppressing, numbing, denying, blaming) are we able to process, grow, and more fully become our true and healthiest selves.

Permission to Feel

I am angry.
I give myself permission to feel my rage, the injustice and horror
we have walked through.
I am allowed to open my mouth
just like I open my heart to keep it
from breaking.
I open my mouth and I give release
to my anger.
It is not shameful as we are told
but brave and necessary
-to feel
-to feel, deeply,
heart and arms wide-open:
I feel anger, rage, grief, longing, despair
and these break down and give themselves
so that new life can grow.
Joy, hope, and delight grow in
this rocky soil.
But first, anger must be heard.
Anger must be acknowledged or it
transforms into something far more insidious and damaging.
It transforms into pretense and hiding, blaming and shaming
and the fruit of this is destruction.
A tearing down.
Abandoning oneself.
So I make room for my anger,
I invite it to walk with me
as I traverse this lonely
and painful road
of coming home.

Krista xo

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6 comments on “You Have Permission to FEEL Angry

  1. You r work has ability to touch and connect to the unspoken words in me,it helps me to understand myself better and relate in positive manner to my community. I really appreciate you Krista .Thk you for all your posts. God bless.

  2. This is powerful. And instantly brought me to tears because I have just feel a really strong rejection from someone I care deeply about. So I am hurt and as a a result, I am very angry. And I am so tired of bottling it up. But I really struggle with expression. Thanks Krista as always.

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