Purposeful Printable Pack

purposeful printable pack

For years I’ve used a version of these simple & practical worksheets. I tuck them into my life management binder and check in with them, in some cases weekly, in other cases seasonally, because we progress in what we track!

I’ve used these worksheets with clients as well find that they are great at helping people identify and live aligned with their highest values and priorities – or otherwise “live on purpose.”


Get your Purposeful Printable Pack: $12 USD

The Purposeful Printable Pack Includes:

>> Weekly rhythm printable with half-hour time increments to time block your tasks/habits and get honest about your priorities and where you’ll make space for them in your week.

>> Short-term goals worksheet with room to identify a guiding verse or mantra, your mind-body-spirit intentions (or how you want to feel) for the next 3-12 months. Each goal should flow out of, and help you move closer to, your mind-body-spirit intentions.

>> Monthly goal tracker with room to list your primary goals (I use this for my business), space to remember WHY these goals matter and room to reflect & redirect at the end of the month.

>> Wheel of Intention to help you identify how you want to feel, what you want to do, what you want to have, who you want to be.

>> Short and sweet financial tracker that invites you to identify your core short-term, mid-term, long-term financial goals, how much each will cost, your goal date, and where you’ll find the money to make these goals happen!

>> Master birthday list to help you stay on track and remember the most important people in your life on their special days.

>> Password Tracking Sheet because these days we all have a million passwords and need a way to keep track of them.

>> 5×5 habit tracker for when you want to practice consistency with 5 habits for 5 weeks – sometimes the perfect amount of time to jumpstart you to healthier habits.

>> Habit tracker with room for up to 16 habits for when you are working toward optimal health and want to track your health/work/life habits because science says we progress in what we track!

>> Dawn & Dusk Ritual worksheet because beginning and ending our days on purpose is one of the best ways to live a life of purpose, health & JOY.

>> BONUS 11th worksheet! Sunday Intention Setting worksheet to help you look at the week ahead and prioritize tasks, healthy habits, do a quick menu plan for a main meal, and otherwise get clear on what lies ahead and how you want to show up. This could replace an agenda.

Download Your Worksheet Bundle: $12 USD

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Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
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