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Inside: Seasons come and go and I am continually called to stretch and grow – and open up to the gifts of each amazing day of my beautiful, real life.

I wake up and immediately feel a wee bit grouchy about the crumbs on the counters and on the floor, the dishes multiplied in the sink like every day before. My daughter teases me as I make her a smoothie to send her off to work and I remember – this is my real life.

What I really want is to sit down with a coffee to write but I need to pay bills and do laundry and wash my water filter, long past when it ought to have been done. I notice tension rising and then I quickly remember – this is my full, beautiful life.

This week, I’ve comforted a sister and spent a fun day with a child and feel more than a little behind. There are stacks of amazing books waiting for me and posts I was supposed to write and it seems there is never quite enough time. But I remind myself that I get the same 24 hours as everyone else and I’m showing up the best I know how – to my simple, ordinary life.

A friend and I were a little grouchy with each other and I know what we need is some time to laugh together but we live far apart and have our own obligations. Instead of worrying or isolating I reach out again so we can plan time to talk and a mini adventure. And I remind myself – this is a messy part of my fabulous life.

I’ve barely walked this week because my leg hurt too much and I notice how despite my amazing plans life is always the boss, and I am called over and over to a place of surrender. I loosen my grip and take a deep breath, gratitude fills this humble space. And I remember – this is my real life.

I am happy for the freedom of this new stage of life – no more cranky toddlers or sleepless nights. But I miss the playdough and cuddles and stories on the couch and realize life will never be the same. Every stage that comes and goes is an amazing gift in season and I want to stay awake to it all – every bit of my amazingly beautiful life.

He and I have changed and we’re growing old together – this summer will mark 24 years of our crazy adventure. We are definitely different in a multitude of ways yet our shared values undergird it all and keep us stable and there is no one else I want to walk with – through this imperfect and beautiful life.

I don’t prove my worth by being productive; I have permission to rest and put my feet up and I’m allowed to simply take up space. I want to contribute and offer my gifts but I opt out of rushing or joining the race. I breathe and exhale and remind myself – I can choose a slow and simple life.

I vision and plan and work toward my goals but there is nothing I need to be happier than I am and if I died today I would be content. I choose to live awake each day, embrace imperfection, scan for beauty, and loosen my grip on what I think life should be so that I can show up fully to this – my real life.

I used to think I was smart but the wiser I become I see that all I’ve truly learned is how much I don’t know. But I stay open and curious, I’m less afraid now, and I wonder what wisdom each season will bring. In the summer I bear fruit and in the winter put down roots and it all works together – to build a beautiful life.

Wrestling and struggle have always walked beside me but the struggle is only a small part of my story. My 40’s have been an amazing call to growth and mostly what I see now is how far I have come. I’ve tasted sorrow and loss but joy and pleasure too and I choose to just be present to each step of the journey. And I remember – this is my beautiful, real life.

Krista xo

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18 comments on “This is My Beautiful, Real Life

  1. Beautiful! It helps me to keep reminding myself that struggle is not only okay, but is part of what makes my life great. Sometimes that is a hard sell (to myself), and yet I truly do believe it.

    Thanks Krista!

  2. Oh my goodness. This touched me immediately, deeply and to tears. Yes, so much yes to all of this! I work to be in each moment with gratitude for my beautiful, messy life.

  3. Beautiful. Touched me deeply. Do you have a book published with your blog? That would be so good to have to read days when you need to.

  4. I needed to read this. I too can have permission to simply take up space. It is ok and necessary for my soul to just rest. Thank you for being real. Your vulnerability is a gift.

  5. So happy to hear you are writing a book. You have such a way of expressing things that makes me feel, well, calm and that I can handle things. Your head is so rich with thought though that it can’t be anything but hard to get it all expressed! Here’s to letting it flow out! You are such a beautiful person!

  6. Krista, this one really spoke to me. You have such a gift of words. Thank you for showing me. .showing up is a great start!!

  7. There’s not enough room on this little page to write down my thoughts. Lol; I find myself talking about me most of the time and I think that life is more about focusing on someone else. I find I am waiting for perfection every single day and every single day I have this knowing that that is not what this messy life is all about! When will I learn-I find this the struggle-to allow myself to be human…yes to be messy and to not always get it right and to make some really big mistakes. oh boy…I need some calm.

    • Nancy, thank you for your comment… and for telling me about YOU. So today, how will you practice pausing and breathing – offering yourself grace and reminding yourself that you choose to fully embrace imperfection in your home and life and in yourself. Will a mantra or phrase help you? Perhaps a few daily check-ins to breathe and notice where tension has built up so you can shake it off? What are just 1-2 action steps or intentions that will help you move forward into greater calm?

  8. I always delight when I stop to read your words, it is like you are reading my own mind. Keep up this important work you do in your corner of the internet…it is a treasure to be found

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