On this page, I maintain a list of some tools or (non-book) resources that I own and have truly loved and benefited from on my journey to living with greater purpose, health & JOY. I’ve added some simple pics from my real life.

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1. I’ve had my Big Berkey since 2011. When all of five of us lived at home and homeschooled I filled it twice a day. Now that my son lives away from home and I’m the only one here during the day, I fill it just once. I give it a clean every 8 weeks now (6 before), to give you an idea of upkeep. I have loved it from day one. (States or Canada)







2. Bamboo Now Essential Oil Diffuser. I held off a loooong time on buying a diffuser. I had used essential oils since before my first child was born (more than two decades) and saw no need for a diffuser. But I finally gave in (I’m kind of stubborn and tend to resist things that feel like fads), bought two of these diffusers, and have been very happy with them ever since. (Canada and if you live in the States) and (These are my favorite essential oils!)

Now diffuser

3. I’ve used this cheery Knock Knock What to Eat menu pad for many a year. I flip it over and write my grocery list on the back and take it to the store with me. That way, if something on my grocery list is not available or too expensive, for instance, I can flip the list over to remember what meal I planned to use the ingredient in. This helps me choose an appropriate replacement. Because I have pulled my page off the magnetized pad, I use a magnetized clip to affix a week or two of menu pads at a time to the side of my fridge.  (Canada and the United States)

what to eat pad

4. I have used my Nutrimill since 2009 (found my receipt!). I had to save up to purchase it. For the first many years I used it mostly to grind spelt berries for flour and organic corn for cornmeal. A couple or so years ago I quit grinding spelt in it as I went gluten-free to test my own body, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. These days I don’t bake as often (my kiddos are growing up and leaving home) but still grind rice, chickpeas, corn, etc. to make flours. (Canada and if you live further South)


5. We have three Salt Lamps but I’d enjoy a big huge one for my living room. They are so calming and provide a gorgeous glow. I read by the light of my salt lamp each evening before bed. The light is dim but enough to read by as it sits right beside my bed on my desk. Sometimes I add a drop or two of lavender onto it (not sure if this is recommended but I’ve done this for years) and as the lamp warms it diffuses the fragrance throughout my room. (Canadians and my Southern neighbors:))

salt lamp

6. I use natural feminine hygiene products like Natracare because putting toxic junk in or near one of my most sensitive body parts doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me. Of course, I also want to lower my kids’ toxic burden as well. I did try a Diva Cup for about a year and a half and never loved it (though some people totally do!) so I reverted to organic non-applicator tampons and cloth pads (or Natracare pads for my daughters). (Canada or the States)


7. I wasn’t going to buy myself a Vitamix. I didn’t have the money and felt I couldn’t justify it when my $100 blender worked fine. One of my former “Case Studies” (I had to do a number of Case Studies for my studies) actually gifted me with her Vitamix as she rarely used it. Lucky me! I use it up to several times a day so even though it was a gift to me I do think a good blender is worth saving up for if you are able (but don’t stress if a Vitamix is beyond your reach). (States and Canada)


8. Who knew a Squatty Potty could be a favorite purchase? This stool wraps around the base of your toilet in a discreet way and allows for comfortable foot positioning. It helps put you into more of a squat position to allow for easier (and fuller) elimination-way better. A happy purchase. You can buy bamboo versions but I just bought a couple of the cheaper plastic ones. They also come in two different heights; I’ve linked to the 7″ version. (folks in the U.S. or if you live in Canada)

squatty potty

9. We own a variety of different glass or stainless steel water bottles. I want my family to stay hydrated and want them drinking out of non-plastic (even BPA free) bottles. Just one of the brands we like is Life Factory – the colors are fun and the wide mouth is important for easy and thorough cleaning. I cannot handle bottles with a tiny little mouth that a scrub brush cannot fit inside. Ick. My mind imagines all sorts of horrible things growing in there (and if you had a child like my 17-year-old who ferments her teas and smoothies, you’d understand!) (The United States and the beautiful (and chilly) land of Canada)

water bottles

10. I bought my Walking Poles after my hip replacement. I was a little unsteady on my feet but desperate to get out walking again. The poles provided the stability I needed but also (bonus!) supported upper body strength. I haven’t used them now in some time but am going to take’em for a spin tonight. Oh, important to know that you can change up the little feet depending on the terrain you are walking on. (Keen Fit poles like I have in Canada and in the States)

walking poles

11. Kitchen Aids are expensive and hefty but I do use mine a decent amount. It whips up great gluten-free, paleo pizza crust or coconut macaroons in just a few minutes. Mine is a heavy duty one (nice for bread dough). You can find replacement parts for these mixers or even refurbished ones. Plus, there are so many fun colors to choose from! (States and here in Canada)







12. I’ve had my kettle over two years and love it for a few reasons: first off, it is cute. I like the shape of it. Secondly, it is stainless steel and for health reasons, I don’t like boiling water in plastic. Finally, it has a wide enough mouth for me to get in there and scrub it once in a while, as needed (after giving it a boil with vinegar). I have hard water and this leads to build-up. But anything I use regularly, like my kettle, I want to be able to clean and see inside. (U.S. or Canada)









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