(REVITALIZED is on hold in 2018 to make space for me to do more writing. You can take this class 1:1 – scroll to the bottom for details – or learn more about how you can work with me.)

Are you anxious or overwhelmed? Unhappy in your own body or with the state of your current health or life? Are you weary of feeling distracted, discouraged and entangled in negative thinking?

Join my newly expanded 3-month REVITALIZED class to redefine HOW you want to FEEL and take weekly action steps to nourish and otherwise care for yourself well, heighten self-awareness, lower stress and anxiety, and live an unshackled life of deeper purpose, health & joy.

This class might be for you if you understand that real health & happiness don’t come in the form of a miracle supplement, the latest diet craze, or in finally hitting a magic number on the scale. That doing some messy inner work is essential to becoming who and how you want to be in the world.

This class might be for you if you’re ready to get honest, show up wholeheartedly, add more joy and fun and healthy habits into your life, and shake off what no longer serves. Perfection is not required – you just need to come with a willingness to grow and be challenged. We are all at different places on the journey and there is no judgment here –  only an invitation to healing, growth, and freedom.

I cap this class at 30 women in order to maintain a small-group feel. This glass gathers women from around the world.


Based on participant feedback even before expanding it, the word is that REVITALIZED is worth far more than what I’m charging. I’ve intentionally kept it at a price that is attainable for many with modest incomes. This also means I can only run it with a min 13 (non-refresher)* participants//max 30.


COMBO PRICE: REVITALIZED & 2 private 45 min consults NA


*For those who have taken this class before & want a refresher, you may join for $CAD

The Basic Rundown

During our three months together you will engage with 11 topics related to mind-body health, benefit from weekly coaching calls, guest speakers, and gather regularly for 14 weeks of safe and encouraging community via our closed FB group where you can build relationships with other women from around the world and ask me questions for ongoing support.

I am delighted this year to invite some guest speakers to join us for extra coaching calls on topics ranging from emotional eating to vibrant aging to decluttering for an intentional life!

Some weeks, in addition to the coaching call, you will receive a course module for education, with homework and extra handouts, and other weeks I will simply provide links to supportive information or a tip sheet to guide you through the topic at hand.

REVITALIZED will allow you to really dig into some important health topics and sufficient time to begin a sustainable mind & body health transformation – time and space to revitalize your life!

REVITALIZED used to run as an 8-week course but the consensus was that participants wanted even more time together to solidify their new habits and mindset and for ongoing encouragement and support.

I listened!

The (international) class is now 12 weeks long but our FB group opens up one week early for introductions and stays open one week late for final questions and saying goodbye.

In REVITALIZED You’ll Learn About

1.Self-Awareness & Self-Compassion. We will use an intro to the enneagram to better understand how we each show up in the world and why, what motivates and triggers us, how we can use self-awareness to find freedom in our lives.

2. Life Visioning. I will present various tools to support you in getting real about the life you want to live and how you want to feel. We will discuss common obstacles that arise when we seek to bring about change in our lives and how to overcome this resistance. We will also consider what research says about sustainable habit formation.

This topic will be spread out over two weeks (at the suggestion of former participants) to enable you to explore your giftings, your mission or purpose, establish clear and actionable goals and a purposeful weekly rhythm, and move forward with a sense of calm, clarity and confidence.

3. Maximizing Mindset. We will discuss research on resilience as well as stress & growth mindset. We will work together on shifting our thoughts to shift our behavior. This is a very powerful and critical tool for sustaining positive change in our lives.

4. Optimized Nutrition. We will talk about how to eat in a way that lowers inflammation and anxiety, balances blood sugar, and boosts energy and cognitive function. We will learn about the importance of nutrient density, common dietary pitfalls, sourcing quality food, and strategies for banishing cravings. We will dig into emotional eating and learning to trust our bodies and intuition.

5. Stress & Self-Care Support. This week, we will learn about strategies and lifestyle habits that lower stress and anxiety while optimizing health; we will also look at supplements and herbs that help modulate stress. We will continue to learn about the power of stress mindset and address the non-negotiable aspect of learning to care for ourselves well because we matter and in order to care for those we love and do the world to which we are called.

6. Life Detox. Environmental toxins can have a huge impact on our health including our weight, mood, sleep and disease risk, and this week we will look at common toxins that trip us up in our health goals, how to clear these out of our lives and replace them with health-supporting alternatives.

7. Gut Health. As unglamorous as this sounds, our gut health – our ability to digest, assimilate and eliminate nutrients/waste and the balance of bacteria in our gut – plays a major role in our mental and physical wellness. We will get practical and do some work to boost the health of our gut microbiome.

8. Letting Go. Addictions, clutter, overspending, filling our lives to the brim with activities can all be means of running and numbing which prevent us from living fully alive and joyful. This week we will discuss (and practice) releasing perfectionism, unhealthy relationships, clutter, who we used to be, or anything else that is no longer serving us. We will jump into a mini (optional) decluttering challenge this week to jumpstart our progress.

9. Love the Body You’re In. There is a difference between exercise and joyful movement and I want to talk about how this relates to stress and self-worth; strategies for moving our bodies through pain or physical limitations, and in this week we will dig into the topics of body image and self-acceptance.

10. Rebranding Middle Age. This week provides time for us to look at brain function and cognitive health, hormone health, and changes that come as we age; we will address holistic lifestyle practices for moving through seasons of life with energy, strength, and vitality. It also opens up the conversation around finding purpose again as we walk through life transitions and practicing loving ourselves well each step of the way.

11. Mindful Living. To end our time together we will look at the research around mindfulness practices and learn strategies to integrate mindfulness into our lives so that we can continue living unshackled lives of purpose, health, and JOY. We will also use this week to wind down, do a self-inventory of what we’ve learned and where we might need further support.

It is so easy to get sidetracked or give up altogether after just a couple of weeks when establishing new personal goals. A small-group class setting provides ongoing education, encouragement, and accountability to help you stay focused and moving forward into the life you desire. 

REVITALIZED also allows you to very purposefully set aside time to begin caring for yourself well once again. I look forward to working with you!

**Contact me with your questions (; we can set up a 20 min phone chat if you need help figuring out if this class is right for you. This class provides education & encouragement only and is not a replacement for proper medical support nor is any of it offered with the intention to treat/heal/cure any disease or condition. 


Based on participant feedback even before expanding it, the word is that REVITALIZED is worth far more than what I’m charging. I’ve kept it at a price that is still attainable for many with modest incomes. This also means I can only run it with a min 13 (non-refresher)* participants.


COMBO PRICE: REVITALIZED & 2 private 45 min consults NA


*For those who have taken this class before & want a refresher, you may join for $CAD


DATES: REVITALIZED 2018 is on hold

All that is required to participate in the REVITALIZED group class is a Facebook account, an email address, and a readiness to grow, learn, and commit to 3 months of self-care.

Contact Krista via email at with your questions. Payment can be made via Paypal or e-transfer prior to registration deadline.


Here are some thoughts from some past REVITALIZED participants:

“I enthusiastically recommend REVITALIZED to any woman ready to step into a life of purpose, health, and JOY. I took the class remotely, so the mix of written, video and online group work enabled me to internalize the material and put it to use in my life. Krista’s thorough, yet conversational style of writing and speaking made me feel like I was having a conversation with a dear and trusted friend. The online group became a safe space for me to walk the journey of making change and it empowered me to put those changes into practice in my family and community life. The thing I loved most about the class, though, was the gentle and loving manner in which the wide-ranging material was presented and discussed. The atmosphere was truly a safe space for me to start the road of stepping into a JOYful life. I am so grateful for having had this experience.”

Shana Hutchings

“I have really enjoyed participating in the revitalized class.  I love how it is a safe place to express your fears, shortcomings, desires, and ideas for growth, without repercussion or judgment.  The group of peers is all undergoing such similar feelings that you do not feel alone, or isolated in your thoughts, and you feel encouragement in their comments and stories.  I recommend the class for its excellent resources, the support and the encouragement you will receive if you accept it!”

Kerri-Lynn Scott

“I was attracted to the description of Revitalized on Krista’s blog. The weekly activities, videos, and FB interaction helped shift me to a deeper understanding and practice around life goals, nutrition, and the emotional well-being that I had been seeking. Krista presents the materials in a clear and compassionate manner. She answers questions and gives encouragement. The FB group was a good interaction since I live too far away to take the course in person. These are materials and learnings I will continue to use. THANK YOU, Krista!”

Cindy Spée

“The materials and associated action steps of the Mind-Body Reboot were phenomenal – amazing job Krista! Be prepared to put time aside to do the work – the more you put in the more you get out. Krista is such a caring supportive coach I would recommend anyone take this course no matter where they are at in their life journey. A look inside oneself and goal setting are always beneficial!”

Shelly Kinney

“I heard about the Mind-Body Reboot as I was approaching my 40th birthday and decided to sign up as a gift for myself. I am so glad I did! This class was the starting point I have been searching for. What a privilege to have found it right here in our rural community! I enjoyed this class thoroughly and left it feeling more aware of who I am and better equipped to support my well-being. I would highly recommend Krista and this class to everyone!”

Theresa Kvatum

“Mind-Body Reboot is a game changer. It’s a time where you can both stop, pause, and take a good look at things, as well as dig in and really level up your life. Mind-Body Reboot made me feel as good as wearing a brand new outfit on a sunshiny day, headed out for coffee with friends. Mind-Body Reboot provided me with information and know-how that will help to improve my health and happiness for the rest of my life.”

Jessi Scott

“I went into this class with an open mind and a hope that I would learn how to better take care of myself. I was not expecting to get so much out of it. I feel Krista has helped me to become more clear on the things that are most important to me and helped me to prioritize my time and health. I am going to start some private sessions with her and am looking forward to growing into a better me. Thank you!”

Robin Pearce

“The Revitalized course with Krista has changed my life. Before taking the class I was suffering from perfectionism, depression, and lack of purpose. Krista’s videos and words via the class materials were soothing, guiding, and uplifting. This is a comprehensive, detailed course that provides the tools needed for healing your life; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I really can’t recommend it enough.”

Kimberly Sleeth


If you prefer, I also offer REVITALIZED as a 1:1 private class. Each week you will receive the educational PDF and related handouts and we will meet (online or in person) for a 60-minute session to support you as you move through the material and initiate significant change in your life. The investment for this private class is $1294 CAD and includes 12 coaching sessions with email support.


**Contact me with your questions (; we can set up a 20 min phone chat if you need help figuring out if this class is right for you. This class provides education & encouragement only and is not a replacement for proper medical support nor is any of it offered with the intention to treat/heal/cure any disease or condition. 

Krista xo

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