Welcome to the ALIP shop where I share resources to help you quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, or fear and show up fully – with JOY and on purpose – to your imperfect and beautiful life, in every season.

A minimum of 10% of my profits are used to help fund an art scholarship in my son’s name to help reduce stigma and shame around living with mental illness, to programs that feed and otherwise care for people struggling with homelessness, addiction, or mental illness, or to initiatives that help Black, Indigenous, or Women of Colour start or grow small businesses.

A note about my mini-courses: I want to acknowledge that there are many factors in life that we do not control yet which influence our wellbeing, happiness, or general experience of life. These courses do not address concerns like economic disparity, the myriad forms of oppression or injustice that affect so many people, lack of access to healthy social structures, living with mental illness or trauma. They are a simple starting point to help you deepen self-awareness and self-compassion and begin taking imperfect action by building new ways of thinking and intentional habits or practices over which you do have a measure of control.

Although people hire me as part of their care team, none of my work is for people in crisis or seeking professional mental health or medical support. One way of loving ourselves well is by asking for the (appropriate) help we need – please ask for professional help if you’re struggling. You matter.


shop love yourself well bundleThe Love Yourself Well Bundle $97

Save just about 20% when you bundle up three mini-courses! The Love Yourself Well Bundle includes the Befriend Yourself, Self-Compassion, and Rooted & Resilient courses.

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shop happiness bundleThe Happiness Bundle $97

Save just about 20% when you bundle up three mini-courses! The Happiness Bundle includes the Right-Sized Life, Befriend Yourself, and How of Happiness mini-courses.

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shop befriend yourself Befriend Yourself Mini-Course $40

To move through the world with strength, dignity, joy, and in integrity, to offer our light or contribution, to feel at home in our bodies and our lives – we must become our own best friend.

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shop self-compassionSelf-Compassion Mini-Course $40

Self-compassion leads to less self-judgment and lower depressive symptoms. It increases resilience and a sense of agency (so important for hard seasons!) and it leads to improved health behaviours and overall physical health.

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shop rooted & resilientRooted & Resilient Mini-Course $40

Resilience is the ability to successfully adapt or rebound following adversity or potentially traumatic life events or circumstances. We can consciously work to build resilience pro-actively, but resilience is also forged in the fire.

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shop how of happinessThe How of Happiness Mini-Course $40

Martin Seligman teaches that there are 3 routes to happiness: pleasure or positive emotion, engagement, and meaning. A person who uses all three routes to happiness leads the “full life” and these people enjoy far greater life satisfaction.

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shop right-sized lifeBuild a Right-Sized Life Mini-Course $40

Building a right-sized life means one that is aligned to your unique personality, wiring, needs, desires, life stage, values, and sense of purpose. It involves truth-telling, questioning, grappling, coming face to face with the reality of what is and choosing our response.

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shop making spaceMaking Space Mini-Course $40

This course will teach you about liminal space, holding space, belonging and becoming, and help you access the curiosity and bravery required to forge ahead through uncertainty or seasons of transition.


Show up Afraid: Self-Guided Course $60

A course to help you quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear so you can show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life.

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shop seasonal mindfulness journals52 Mondays: Seasonal Mindfulness Journal Series $11

These journals & seasonal reflections (one for every Happy Monday of the year) are available for purchase through Amazon. Every Monday is a fresh opportunity to remember who and how you want to be in the world.

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shop purposeful printable packPurposeful Printable Pack $14

A set of worksheets I personally use and which will help you identify and live aligned with your highest values and priorities – or otherwise stay organized. Live imperfectly – on purpose.

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shop minimalist wall artMotivational & Minimalist Wall Art $7

Simple printables with quotes from A Life in Progress and some extra worksheets to help you show up to life on purpose.

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shop voice & vision coachingVoice & Vision Coaching $560+

Quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear and show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life or micro-business. I’ll come alongside to help you unearth your unique Voice & Vision and create a new cognitive and emotional roadmap for moving forward gently and on purpose.

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shop brave & beautiful communityBrave & Beautiful Membership Community $33/mos+

Healthy community and evidence-based education & encouragement to help you learn and practice the tools, mindset shifts, and habits that help us live mind-body healthy and show up fully – with joy and purpose – to our imperfect & beautiful lives.

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Slow Business – on Purpose Group Coaching $83/mos+

You’re a non-hustler, highly sensitive person, you or a family member live with chronic or mental illness, or you’re simply a human who craves freedom and flexibility in life. You CAN be the unique, imperfect and beautiful human you are, share your work with the world in a way that lights you up, and draw the people who need your unique voice & vision.

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*Prices are in USD; after purchasing a mini-course, if you notice that you get an email saying you purchased the Rooted & Resilient course instead of what you wanted, please send a quick email to me at so I can get you the correct log-in info.

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