What If My Small Dreams Are My Greatness?

my small dreams are my greatness

This is a guest post from Genevieve V. Georget of gengeorget.com

“You’re dreams aren’t big enough.”

Those were the words.

Those were the words that came at me from across the couch and shattered my heart.

I was in another country at the time.  In another time zone.  In what felt like another Universe.  I had stepped outside the comfort zone of my quaint little neighborhood in suburban Ottawa and bought a last minute ticket to attend a creativity conference 4,500 kilometers away. Upon landing, I somehow found myself sitting in a room full of people who were building orphanages in Africa and saving homeless women from inner-city streets.  People who were creating clothing lines and human rights policies.  People who were dream chasers and game changers.

People who were brilliant and driven.  People who were changing the world.

And then there was me.

I was sitting in the midst of a very vulnerable time in my life.  I had just had two children in less than two years and motherhood was tugging at my deepest insecurities.  While trying to be a good parent, wife, and friend…I was also just beginning to understand where the world left off and I finally began. On top of this, I was trying to build a photography business from my dining room table with a kit lens and a bare-bones website.

I wasn’t helping the needy. I wasn’t rescuing the lost.  I wasn’t changing the world.

I was just trying to build something.  To create something.  To learn something.

Through my family.  Through my work.  Through art.

And that had always been enough for me.

Enough to light my soul with fire.  Enough to fill my heart with inspiration.  Enough to stir my spirit with purpose.

Until twenty-four hours later, I found myself sitting on a couch in the middle of a hotel courtyard.  Completely surrounded by people again.

People ordering drinks from the bar.  People sharing stories from their home town.  People making plans.

And yet again, there was me.


I felt lost. I felt discouraged. I felt very much in the wrong place.

As an anxiety started to tighten in my chest, one of the organizers sat down next to me and gently asked, “so, how are you finding the conference so far?”

To be completely honest, I wasn’t really sure how to respond.

“Ummm, well…” I cautiously responded “I don’t really feel like there’s room for me here.  My calling just feels so…different.  My dreams just feel so much closer to home.”

“The problem” she replied “is that your dreams just aren’t big enough.  You don’t want enough greatness for yourself.  You should stop being so small.”

And with that, she simply stood up and walked away.

I let her words wash over me and then I slowly felt them enter through my pores.

I hardly said a word for the remainder of the conference and two days later, I went home.  Devastated.

And I stayed devastated for nearly a year.  Broken. Confused.  Shattered by the impact of her words.

In her defense, it wasn’t her job to become my defining moment moving forward.  It wasn’t her job to set my course or to move my mountains.  It wasn’t her job to make me or break me.

But the thing about our inner voice – especially in seasons of great vulnerability…in seasons of great transition – is that it tends to ask a very specific question in response to uncertainty…

“What if they’re right?”

And that’s what happened to me in that moment and for the year that followed.

All I could ask was “What if my dreams AREN’T big enough?  What if I DON’T want enough greatness for myself?  What if I AM being small?”

“What if she’s right?”

And I let these doubts and these fears battle it out inside of me like demons wrestling in the night.  They scratched and they clawed and they ripped me to pieces until one day I learned the most valuable thing I’ve ever learned about the road to self-acceptance…

Ask your own important questions.


And that’s where it happened.  That’s where the beauty began to rise.  Not in someone else’s questions.  But in my own.

What if those dreams of mine ARE my greatness?

What if the small things are the big things?

What if my pursuit of raising strong children and being a great wife and documenting tiny moments CAN change the world?  By the simple nature that doing so changes me?

And does that make my dreams any smaller than someone else’s?  Does it make my greatness any less?

The truth is that the world benefits from our happiness.  It benefits from our wholeness.  It benefits from us digging deep to become the best version of ourselves.

For some, that may be in the monumental acts that are defined as significant.  For others though, it may be in the tiny details that may never seem like they are big enough.

But what I learned sitting on that couch so many years ago and throughout the many days that followed is this…

A life filled with runny noses and carpools and supportive phone calls to friends and piles of dishes…


That path you’re walking – regardless of how insignificant it may seem…is sacred.  Because it’s yours.  And your life and your actions and your steps forward touch everyone else’s.

Our greatness isn’t in the size of what we do.  Our greatness is in HOW we do it.  It’s in how we treat others when we do it.  It’s in how we see ourselves when we’re doing it.

It’s in the breaths we take and the grace we give and the love we create.

My dreams are big enough.  And your dreams are big enough.

Not because a stranger says they are.  Not because the world says they are.

But because YOU say they are.

And that, my friends, is pure greatness.

Genevieve V. Georget is a full-time writer and professional photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is currently writing her second book, and you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website.

*photo credit: Genevieve V. Georget


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23 comments on “What If My Small Dreams Are My Greatness?

  1. I love this; it registers and hits home and is very beautifully expressed. This is the place most of us live, and in the end, when the dust settles, it may be revealed as the most important/meaningful place of all. Bravo!

  2. Thank you. Thank you for taking the essence and putting it clearly. After reading your article, I felt like I had meditated. Your article resonated with me when I am going through a terribly painful time. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your brokenness and your revelations! This hit home bc for so many years I kept telling myself “your not enough”. Now in my 60s I think differently and am celebrating my revelations no matter how small. It is who I am.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. Oh my, it brought tears to my eyes. Living with a chronic illness that has diminished my energy to 30% of what I used to have, I have to admit I feel invisible in the go go, achieve big dreams world. Yes, I have goals. Yes, have a rich life. But, by the standards of that conference and many of my healthier friends, my goals may appear insignificant. It has been quite a journey to accept and vibrantly claim that my goals (cooking a nice dinner each night, learning to color with colored pencils, creating beauty on the piano) are equally as valid and important as solving hunger problems in my community. Standing in my truth brings me joy and fulfillment. And that is enough. Each of us is invited to discover our work in the world and that work shifts as we live. Today I am having s friend over for lunch. Making lunch and visiting with my friend will use most of my energy for today. Nurturing relationships is an excellent desire/goal in life. And manifests beauty. And is enough.

  5. Investing in making home a secure place and loving your children for the individuals God created them to be is the biggest and best dream! They are the future! They are the most important gift ever entrusted to us!! They are worth it!! All I have ever aspired to be was the best wife and mother I could be. I felt like I failed more than I succeeded, but I am a grandma now and my biggest aspiration is to be the best and most loving Nan I can be!! If we want the world to change we need to invest in our family at home💕

  6. In 1963, MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz presented the hypothesis that became known as the butterfly effect. He theorised that a minor event, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil, could conceivably alter wind currents sufficiently to cause a tornado in Texas. Lorenz came to the simple yet profound conclusion: ‘Minuscule changes in input can make macroscopic differences in output.’
    This is what I thought of in agreement – Our ripples of dreams can cause tidal waves of greatness! And YES being a great wife and mum is no doubt a wave of immense greatness.

  7. Thank you for this. I’ve just made the decision to “just” tutor part-time, rather than go back to classroom teaching. My youngest child is in grade one and I‘ve felt so much pressure from EVERYWHERE to go full-steam back to teaching. But for our family right now, simpler is better and less is more. Thanks for confirming this for me today.

  8. Oh I love this! I have so often asked myself this question and as a lover of personal development find the message to be “more”, to “dream big” everywhere.
    Well, for me pushing and putting success before my wellbeing and family leaves me feeling very hollow and empty. It is not my driver, nor is money (beyond meeting our needs).
    Of course I’ve learnt this the hard way (as I so often seem too) but I’ve learnt it nonetheless!
    Thank you for sharing your heart…

  9. I wanted to give a virtual hug.
    You are someone I perceive to be so full of life, so loving and invested in all that you do.
    You are dedicated and heartfelt and a beautiful mother. Dreams are funny things, so ethereal and shifting. None are more or less worthy and are all important because they are what drives us. What makes us excited and happy to get the dirt under our fingernails.
    I struggle with the balance between work and making time to draw. I’ve realized it’s ok to struggle and to worry and that feeling you had I’ve had this too. What if I’m not enough? Well you know what? We are enough. We are amazing strong women and I wanted you to know I see that. Rock on! Be you because that is more than enough. X

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