Small Step by Step We Build Our Lives

step by step

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Small step by step we build our lives. Let’s build intentionally.

Here are a handful of posts to offer food for thought as you slowly but surely build an intentional life or say yes to living “imperfectly on purpose.”

Handcraft a Brave and Beautiful Life

What if all I Want is a Mediocre Life?

Life is Short: Make Space for What You Truly Want and Need

Why I Choose to Slow Down and Lie on the Couch all Weekend

Now is a Perfect Time to Be Happy

Happy New Year!

Krista xo

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2 comments on “Small Step by Step We Build Our Lives

  1. I just read “What if all I Want is a Mediocre Life” in Bella Grace Magazine. Wow. Everything you said is everything I’ve wanted to say. Thank you!

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