Small Things

small things

We know that to accomplish a goal it must be broken down into small intentional steps. To build a home you first dig and lay a foundation. To live on purpose you have to get up each day and do all or something.

All or something. All or some small thing.

Because small thing after small thing builds a full and meaningful life.

Small Things

I like to read by the light of the salt lamp
Louise Penny,
Laurie Frankl,

stories that make me laugh and cry.

I like to give thanks and remember that
I did a good job today,
breathing in self-compassion

slowly releasing my exhale.

I like to pause and consider
my mom, my dad, my son,
all those who’ve left before me

but still give me strength.

I smell my lavender oil
and rub chai salve on thickly
remembering it’s all the small things

that fill a life up with beauty.


NOW WHAT? Speaking of small things, my friend Heidi Barr has a new book published (currently available for pre-order) – it’s called 12 Tiny Things and it’s lovely. I got to read a digital version but I’ve ordered a hard copy to slowly meander my way through.

I’ve started embracing my love of writing “micro stories” – unfancy, honest snapshots of my life in progress, often shared first on social media. These posts are shorter than normal, without all the fixings, and can be found by selecting the category “snapshots: a life in progress.”

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6 comments on “Small Things

  1. Really beautiful – thanks for sharing! I am loving my journals I bought from your store – really lovely!! I love this phrase of “all or something” really resonated with me today!

    • That makes me happy to hear – I’m so glad you’re loving the journals:) I heard that phrase initially from a friend (who heard it from her friend – as beautiful ideas tend to spread). I often encourage myself with it, especially on my hardest days.

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