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Welcome to my internet home. You may have landed here because you signed up for The HOPE Map. You may have found your way here because you’re looking for a more compassionate, joyful, and purposeful way to move through your imperfect & beautiful life. I’m happy you’re here.

You’re In The Right Place If…

You are in the right place if you are looking for hope & practical encouragement to help you get clear on what “enough” looks, sounds, and feels like for your life or business in this season of life.

You are in the right place if you want to craft a slower, simpler life. One that is intentional and mindful and has lots of breathing room for meaningful connection and savouring the small gifts of today.

You are definitely in the right place if you are a wrestler, a questioner, one who struggles and desires a safe space to hang out and be reminded that you are not alone and that you matter.

You are in the right place if you want to live mind-body-spirit healthy but you opt-out of fads and care more about loving yourself well than following the crowd.

And you are absolutely in the right place if you are ready to quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear, and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.

Who Am I?

Learn about my story here – meet Krista

Learn how I can help you quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism and fear to show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life or business, in every season.

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I offer resources I think will be useful for you, free and ready to download. I periodically change them up. Go here to access your free gifts.

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Seasonal mindfulness journals, courses, and other resources I’ve created to help you quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, or fear and show up fully – with JOY and on purpose – to your imperfect and beautiful life, in every season. Access the shop page here.

“Finding you and your courses have been life-giving for me. I feel like it is a debt I will never be able to repay.”

—Roxanne R

Say YES to Life: 7 Topical Resource Pages to Guide You

Say YES to Life and Show Up Through Fear

For Wholeness and JOY your Mental Health Matters

You are Messy, Imperfect, Beautiful, and You are Enough

Embrace Imperfection: Make Peace with the Messiness of Life

The How of Happiness

Finding Purpose in a Slow, Seasonal, and Simple life

On Grief: Living Whole and Brave after loss

“Years ago I gained great courage from a quote I heard regarding the power of telling our truths and being authentic as a catalyst for others to do the same. Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, is a perfect example of just how true this is. Her courage in telling her truth, no matter how messy, has been an inspiration to me for almost a decade. And, in her Brave & Beautiful Membership community, she has provided a safe space where others can follow her lead in the company of like-minded women. Truly a gift!”

—Sandra Kerr-Porcari

Join Me: The Brave & Beautiful Membership Community

This is my favourite place to hang out with some of the brave and beautiful humans who have found their way to my work. The B&B is currently a small group of womxn in the “messy middle of life” seeking ongoing support and opportunity to deepen wisdom and grow together in a gentle and growth-minded environment. Learn more or join here.

More Ways to Connect & Learn

The heart of my work is A Life in Progress – but under this umbrella, I choose to run different social pages that speak to certain facets of life and work – so that you can choose the one or two that MOST serve you in this season.

Facebook – A life in Progress: hope and practical encouragement to help you show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life.

Facebook – Rebranding Middle Age: life wisdom, encouragement, and practical tips from a holistic perspective for walking through midlife with curiosity & JOY.

Facebook – Holding Your Breath: On grief, mental illness and mental health, self-compassion, and finding our way forward – gently, after losing a child.

Closed Facebook Group: Live on Purpose: this group is an offshoot of my work as a Holistic Health & Joyful Living Educator – specifically my Voice & Vision Consulting programs. Educational coaching videos and a warm and welcoming space to hang out and forge relationships with other growth-minded and kind people make this a growth-minded and positive space to spend time. One day/week the focus is for non-hustlers, strong introverts, HSP’s, folks who require ample breathing room and space to putter and ponder and who are building a #slowbusinessonpurpose.

Instagram: inspiring quotes, thoughts & images from daily life, space to play with words, question ideas, and explore slow/purposeful/joyful living, and personal growth. (also here at Rebranding Middle Age on IG)

YouTube: since fall 2019 I started uploading my interviews with Brave & Beautiful Women here so that members of my community who opt out of social media can still enjoy them (you can also find my interviews on Facebook).

“I’ve been reading your writing for a long time and want you to know your thoughtfulness and candour are always a huge help to me. You help me remember that there is no guarantee that things are going to go smoothly. There is just a need to try again the next day. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs so openly. Your insight and perspective are greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

—Holly M.

Now What?

Join a community of thoughtful and growth-minded readers when you sign up below for THE HOPE MAP, my raw & real Monday Letters, written with love to help you show up fully – with joy & on purpose – to your imperfect & beautiful life in every season.


Krista xo

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