Tame the Chaos: Shift From Surviving to Thriving

shift from surviving to thriving

Do you live in a regular state of overwhelm or anxiety? Do you wrestle hard with procrastination or perfectionism? If so, you are definitely not alone.

Budgeting, planning, decluttering, maintaining decent order – these have never been a problem for me. What I have struggled with was a sense of chronic overwhelm that would tip into OCD-like habits, procrastination, perfectionism, and horrible anxiety. I needed to keep my world perfectly ordered to feel safe.

But no matter how hard I worked or how much sleep I sacrificed to maintain a well-managed life, I felt I could never quite keep up.

Chaos did not exist for me in piles of stuff or unpaid bills, then, but in anxious thinking and a feeling of never, ever being good enough. I spent way too many years discouraged, distracted and defeated.

So while I spent years devouring books and blog posts offering practical how-to’s for living a simple life, for decluttering and managing time and money, for crafting rhythms and routines that help us live aligned to our primary values, something essential was missing for me. I still love reading on these topics but I needed more.

Learning the emotional or mindset component of taming the chaos was the key that shifted me from surviving to thriving. 


I was invited to share a bit of my story and approach to taming the chaos on a summit that is launching September 5th – I’d love for you to join me by following this link to register!

Jessica, the creator of this summit, is a professional organizer and the founder of Creating Your Home Sanctuary. She is so passionate about living with less that she has put together this interview series of 21 experts in organization, minimalism, simple living, feng shui, and more!

Again, you can listen to my interview, and all the others, for FREE by registering here. (you can now listen to it on my site)

How I went from surviving to thriving

In order to begin to heal and shift from merely surviving to thriving, there were some thoughts I needed to rewrite. This would take multiple posts to really dig in to but briefly, here are some key lessons I learned, in the valley, that have transformed my life:

1. I chose to accept my mediocrity, my “good enough”, and this decision is what finally broke shame, perfectionism and comparison in me and allowed me to show up every day, joyfully, and offer my small gifts;

2. Which led to my decision to embrace progress over perfection and to see life as a messy but amazing journey – to see myself as a life in progress and begin fearing mistakes a whole lot less;

3. I came to realize that life can be imperfect AND beautiful. That joy and pain can coexist. I needed to break my all or nothing, black and white thinking, and make space for various shades of grey.

Maybe you have a hard time understanding how all of THIS is connected to simple living, organizing or minimalism. But listen, getting rid of your stuff or living with a minimalist wardrobe does not matter much if you are not sure life is worth living. Living debt free and with a perfectly ordered calendar are wonderful but alone they do not tame the internal chaos that tells you are not enough and never will be.

Listen to my interview (and all the others) where I share an acronym VIPER that highlights 5 strategies I use in my life and with clients to help us live purposeful, clutter-free lives.

Next week I will also provide worksheets that will help you remember and employ my VIPER acronym in your own life. To receive the worksheets make sure you are signed up for email updates!

I also think it would be valuable to share with you just a handful of resources that have made a big difference over the years in helping me shift from surviving to thriving. *these are affiliate links

1. The Gifts of Imperfection

2. Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

3. The Wisdom of the Enneagram

4. The Upside of Stress

5. The Happiness Project

Have you read any of these? Would you like to share your top 5 list?

And now, back to the summit. Tame the Chaos will run from September 5th for about two weeks and I can’t wait to listen in on all of the diverse interviews. By the way, the interviews have been kept to about 30 minutes – perfect to save for your afternoon self-care slot or supper prep time. Here is the entire tantalizing line up (in no particular order):

  • Elesha @ minimise to maximise
  • Elizabeth @ create minimalism
  • Rachel @ nourishing minimalism
  • Krista @ a life in progress
  • Janet @ simple living
  • Nobuyo @ color me feng shui
  • Brian @ no sidebar
  • Denaye @ simple families
  • Kendra @ mother like a boss
  • Evelyn @ smallish blog
  • Rodika @ modern feng shui
  • Susan @ motivated moms
  • Davonne @ davonne parks
  • Mary @ creating marys home
  • Brianna @ briannalamberson
  • Bailey @ feng shui mommy
  • Cas @ clutterbugs
  • Stacey @ stacey crew coaching
  • Carrie @ careful cents
  • Pat @ balancing energy

Are you not excited? Remember to use this link to get registered right away so you don’t forget and sign up for email updates below to get your copy of my VIPER worksheets.

Can’t wait to hear from you about your major take-aways from the summit. And if you have any questions about anything I’ve discussed here, reach out!

Krista xo

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  1. Hi – this looks like an awesome summit. However, I wanted to let you know that your links to the summit landing page don’t seem to be working. At least not for me. They are taking me to a blog page that doesn’t have anything on it.

  2. I am So thankful to have found you on FB! You totally have similar thoughts and issues you are trying to deal with as I do. Sometimes I feel like you’re reading my mind. I am hoping and praying this seminar helps me be able to finally deal with my organization, clutter, perfectionism, and chaos troubles!! Once and for all! Thank you!!

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