Andrea Sidney-Richard

Krista’s CALM workshop has provided me with the tools and guidelines I need to get started in my mission to bring more focus and intention into my daily life. She shares her wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of supplements that can help when dealing with different health issues, which I found very informative and helpful. I especially appreciated her suggestions on how to recognize the joy in our lives and how to let go of the things or ideas that are not a part of that joy. Krista’s honesty […]

Stacy Renard

I was stuck and spinning my wheels repeating the same patterns over and over in my life. Krista’s blog (A Life in Progress) really began to speak to my heart about my issues, but the real work change began when I started meeting one on one with her. Her helpful advice and practical steps with accountability are helping me change and experience hope and victory! I am so glad I made that first appointment:)

Brandy Schutz

The CALM course was great exposure to many alternative methods I can incorporate into my daily routines to create clarity, calm and joy. I especially enjoyed the suggestions for supplements and nutrition. I also appreciated the anecdotal portions that allowed me to relate to the material. Krista has such a nurturing spirit that was much appreciated.

Theresa Kvatum

I heard about the Mind-Body Reboot as I was approaching my 40th birthday and decided to sign up as a gift to myself. I am so glad I did! This class was the starting point I have been searching for. What a privilege to have found it right here in our rural community! I enjoyed this class thoroughly and left it feeling more aware of who I am and better equipped to support my well-being. I would highly recommend Krista and this class to everyone!

Shelley Kinney

The materials and associated action steps of the Mind-Body Reboot were phenomenal – amazing job Krista! Be prepared to put time aside to do the work – the more you put in the more you get out. Krista is such a caring supportive coach I would recommend anyone take this course no matter where they are at in their life journey. A look inside oneself and goal setting are always beneficial!

Sara Beck

I really enjoyed (the Mind-Body Reboot). It was a great group of women working together to build each other up and better ourselves. The information was things that I will incorporate into using in everyday life. I would highly recommend it.

Jessi Scott

Mind-Body Reboot is a game changer. It’s a time where you can both stop, pause, and take a good look at things, as well as dig in and really level up your life. Mind-Body Reboot made me feel as good as wearing a brand new outfit on a sunshiny day, headed out for coffee with friends. Mind-Body Reboot provided me with information and know-how that will be helping to improve my health and happiness for the rest of my life.