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Kind words from just some of my 1:1 clients and class participants

I am so glad to be a part of your community! Thanks for all of the thought-provoking concepts you are presenting, and also for bringing together a group of women that make me feel that I am not alone in my journey! —Adele F

I think the top strengths of the B&B community are I find it to be a safe place with others who are *mostly* in the same season of life as I am. It is a wonderfully warm, inviting and honest group with an equally wonderful, warm and wise moderator. Your talents, Krista, are the largest draw for me. You leave no stone unturned, are so very thorough and generously supportive. You are a pearl in a sea of chaos and confusion. There are so many “programs” out there. Yours is a community. You care for each person, and that is evident. —Kelley B

This quarantine (C-19) has impacted my life; it has caused me to stop and take another look at my life vision. the work inside the B&B Community taught me it’s ok to change that vision for this season. It can be messy and that’s ok too. This course also taught me to set an intention for my days and to walk grateful but most of all it taught me to radically accept me and this place in my life. So now I honour the things that make me feel alive. Learning self-compassion has given me greater emotional resilience and I am a healthier version of myself. Thank you my brave a beautiful community. Thank you, Krista. -Linda Castilleja

I read and loved Krista’s Life in Progress emails for a while before deciding to join the Brave and Beautiful community. Krista is not only a truly gifted writer, but her take on how to approach life and all its craziness has been a godsend. I look forward to her “mostly-weekly” emails and often forward them to my daughter. I decided to join the Brave and Beautiful community in June when Krista opened it up to new members. Although it’s only been 2 months, I have learned so much and look forward to our new units and activities. I also love that we now have live Zoom calls and can interact with her and with one another. Each one of us gets to benefit from her wisdom and advice and I am so grateful for that. I am amazed at the wealth of information Krista provides … not only citing relevant resources but enlightening us with her own personal reflections and revelations. I plan to be a part of this amazing group for a long time! -Amy Dolinky

I read and resonated with Krista’s Life In Progress posts for two years before joining her Brave and Beautiful Community. It’s been such a gift in my life over the past six months to receive the wealth of wisdom and information Krista has acquired/accrued and now shares. Her honest, authentic, vulnerable integrity speaks powerfully to me at this stage of my life, and she inspires me to be just as courageous on my own journey. Thank you, Krista. -Ellen Jennings

Years ago I gained great courage from a quote I heard regarding the power of telling our truths and being authentic as a catalyst for others to do the same. Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, is a perfect example of just how true this is. Her courage in telling her truth, no matter how messy, has been an inspiration to me for almost a decade. And, in her Brave & Beautiful Membership community, she has provided a safe space where others can follow her lead in the company of like-minded women. Truly a gift! -Sandra Kerr-Porcari

Thank you, Krista. I’ve gained so much more self-awareness because of the B&B group and so much more of a sense of direction and purpose. It’s given me enormously more confidence in my ability to set boundaries for myself, helped me to find compassion towards myself, and allowed me to start to nurture the voice of knowing that has always been in me but which I had forgotten to listen to for many years. I am so grateful for the thoughtful and caring way that you choose topics, clearly present information (with grounding in research) and support and encourage us all. I feel that the group is a gift to myself that will influence the way I live my life for the remainder of it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ xo –Stacy Low

I so appreciate you, your posts, thought processes, interviews, your way at problem-solving, the content you create, and your support. Joining this group is the very thing that helped me to begin to take steps forward from probably the worst season I’ve ever been through since childhood. I was so stuck and discouraged. Now I am making headway in leaps and bounds!! Brave and Beautiful has been so inspiring and so life-giving for me, as well as my Listening Partnership with (another member) and I just wanted you to know and thank you again. Who you are and what you carry is truly immeasurable in my life. -Joyanne Ferrara

I have followed Krista’s work for a couple of years now. She has challenged me to see” how” I’m thinking, and that it’s OK not to be perfect in this messy life. The Brave and Beautiful Membership Community has shown me that others are also seeking answers to a messy life, while still being imperfect. Being introduced to new authors and Bloggers has been a great blessing. It was very helpful to hear from other members what lights them up, what books and TED Talks are speaking to them at this time. I truly believe we are becoming “Community.” Thank You Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui, for all your hard work, and leadership. -Deb Gates

I have loved Krista’s blog posts for years and now her written resources and the membership community. She has an incredible gift not only of words but also of really seeing into the struggles common to so many women. Krista doesn’t just leave us to struggle—she helps find a way to shift our mindset, look at our circumstances differently and help us find joy and celebrate the win, no matter how small. She is patient, knowledgeable and caring. The resources she writes are life-giving to me. I find myself learning something profoundly new and helpful each time I go through the materials. I have worked with her privately in the past and now I am enjoying the Brave and Beautiful membership community. Krista facilitates a safe space for people to share concerns and celebrates our joy and successes. The women in the group are supportive and helpful. They are the best cheerleaders. No one wants to leave anyone in struggle; however, no one forces anything. -Teresa Cottrell

Finding you and your pages/courses has been life-giving for me. I feel like it is a debt I will never be able to repay. -Roxanne Runzer

I wasn’t sure about an online community because I am “offline” mostly. I feel the connectedness though! Krista, your blog simply speaks to me. It’s growth-minded, raw, & real. Sometimes I see myself living the self-care, mindfulness theme well, but other times I just want to move about my day and not overly focus on anything! G. Rubin talks honestly in her Happiness Project about how some days she doesn’t want to hold the door for that slower woman behind her! Krista, I appreciate you so much for continuing this journey. I really see it is your gift and thank you. -Tara Bevard

Where to begin in what to say about Krista. Firstly, I offered to write this unprompted because I have been blown away by the support I’ve received through the Voice and Vision bundle. Blown away. As in, I’ve taken a lot of courses and hired other coaches/guides and the support I’ve received from Krista in just two sessions has been tenfold what I’ve received in other programs for the price point. Beyond the incredible level of support and personal attention she has offered me, it’s also actually working! I feel validated and encouraged and am making steady, tangible, visible progress all without any over the top pressure or silly cheerleading gimmicks. What can I say, if you’re on the fence about investing in the Voice and Vision bundle, and ready to do the work, I want you to know that the value you will receive is far beyond what I now see as a very humble and modest description of services on her website. I can’t recommend Krista enough. -Carol Mass

Krista is a breath of fresh air! She is honestly so dedicated to helping others! A huge advantage to working with Krista is that she’s willing to offer email check-ins in between sessions! In those emails, I get such valuable advice, feedback and suggestions from her! Face to face is obviously my favourite part though! Her calming nature, kindness and warmth make our sessions such an asset to my continued journey in maintaining a peaceful life! -L.M.

Krista helps you walk your own unique path — according to your own wiring (I’m highly sensitive, introvert), gifts, season of life, and limitations. I’m 63 but still want to learn and grow and live my vision of what I want in my life and how I want to feel. But I am not high energy and I get stressed easily. I need lots of rest and sleep and alone time. And I don’t want to feel hurried and stressed.

Krista is not a rah-rah coach on steroids who makes you achieve your goals and pushes you to action. I had been looking for a coach, specifically an artist coach, but they all seemed to focus on how much money you want to make and what you need to get there. I’m not motivated by money and after reading Krista’s insightful essays, I knew she was right for me.

She will tell you the truth though and gently encourage you with humour, wisdom, intuition and practical tools.

One of my biggest takeaways is learning to, as she says, “take imperfect action.” I have a strong perfectionist part of me and I want everything all figured out before I make a move. This has been truly liberating.

She also taught me that life doesn’t have to look a certain way to be joyful. I can “show up afraid,” take the long view, and go slow and steady. One of the gifts is seeing that I already have much of what gives me joy in my life.

She validated my belief that you can live intentionally and create the life you want, not according to what others do or what society rewards. A life that’s maybe off the beaten path, but joyful and purposeful. Patti Drake

Krista is both insightful and wise. She helped me to identify what is most important to me in my life and career right now and put some systems in place to work toward those goals. She also gave helpful advice on how to make my website and Facebook page more effective. Highly recommend! –  Lisa Amstutz

I came to Krista and her work in a season of my life where I was looking for greater clarity and direction about how to grow a creative outlet that I was beginning to unfold. Little did I know that I would not only receive that support, but even more importantly, I would receive the gift of greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence in who I am, what holds me back, and what I have to offer to others. Krista operates with such deep compassion, kindness, integrity, and candour. In a world where those attributes are so often missing, I have been blessed to find them in Krista.

Our work together has been a joy, though not always easy. Any time we are called to face our own fears and roadblocks, it is never a cakewalk. With Krista’s gentle, but firm, guidance, I feel a deeper and growing sense of purpose and focus rooted in deciding what I most want personally, professionally, and creatively. In the midst of it all, Krista has been a trusted guide on the path as I try to be fully present and increasingly intentional within the beautiful chaos that is life. – Kendra Brodin

Your light of courage and truth continues to inspire me and challenge me to be more courageous. I know it’s very hard work. Thank you for being on this journey with me and for offering your hard-earned guidance and wisdom. – Ann D

I hired Krista because I didn’t know which way to go in my business and I was unsure of what I had to contribute. I didn’t know how to share my voice in a way that felt authentic and meaningful. I was afraid of showing up as the person I really am. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Krista. I needed someone to push me gently out of my comfort zone so that I could show up more boldly in the world and she was that person. The bonus is I felt seen, heard, encouraged, and supported all along the way. –Kelly Wojtaszek

Krista has been my coach and my cheerleader (without the pom-poms!) through what has been a very difficult year. She has gently guided me into making myself more aware of my patterns of self-protection and encouraged me to shine a light on my gifts. With her help, I’m slowly starting to unravel my habitual safety latches which is having a profound effect on my inner life, and also my close relationships. Step by step I feel I’m able to show up in a more confident and sparkly way in a world that has for so long seemed loud and intimidating to me. I will always be profoundly grateful to Krista, who in my mind is one of the world’s hidden treasures… and who I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon. – Betsy Huggins

I have been in business online steadily since 2009, and I can honestly say Krista is the best business consultant/coach/social media person I’ve hired. She’s thoughtful, honest, open to being wrong and probing, all of which resulted in me making personal and professional gains far beyond my expectations. As a result of working with her so far she has helped me bring in new potential clients, grow my new FB page to 2,000 likes, my existing FB page has grown for the first time in years, the members of my private Facebook group are interacting and bonding to each other in a way that has never happened before, and she has helped me clarify how I’ve been holding myself back. My business feels alive in a way it didn’t before.

Krista has helped to revitalize my business, on a fraction of the budget compared to what I am aware of others charging. If you are lucky enough to work with Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui, do it! She will do a comprehensive overhaul of your business and add value in all sorts of ways that you hadn’t envisioned. She’s stimulating, full of great ideas, won’t flinch to ask you hard questions, will go above and beyond what you expected, and will make your business that much more fun to operate. – Jacqueline Green

I felt like I couldn’t keep going in the same direction I was headed, pleasing everyone else, putting everyone else first, living with low self-worth and doubt. Working with Krista has given me an entirely new perspective and priority on self-care.  I have learned that putting other people’s feelings first at the expense of my own well-being is a price I’m no longer willing to pay.  I look forward to our bi-monthly meetings and always have my notebook and pen ready! I feel I’m finally making major progress, and it helps me to keep going. – Angi Aordung

Krista is the real deal and the whole package:  right from the start, she uncovered areas where I wasn’t clear about my work and helped me to discover my own voice and vision, to take action and stay committed to doing the work that is my passion, even when I was immobilized by fear. She can help you with the lofty work of goal setting and showing up through fear right down to the nitty-gritty of setting up your daily schedule and hashing out the details of your website.  She’s good at this because she has done it all/been there herself, she is truly a self-made master.  Through her expert guidance I experienced unusually rapid growth of my FB page, she helped me get a website built that I LOVE – it reflects my personality, my energy and my mission.  And most of all Krista has been unfailingly generous in her support, shown me how to show up to my work joyfully, and to just start, however imperfectly.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I can’t thank her enough. –Shona Lauzon

If I had to choose one word to describe Krista it would be generous. She generously shares her vulnerability and of her own process and how she mines for beauty in life under all the messiness. She is generous with her time, with the materials she has worked so hard to create, and with all the bits of wisdom large and small, she has gleaned along the way. I really enjoyed our sessions but so much of what I got from Krista was from the shorter messages we would exchange between sessions. I got a sense that Krista was really on my team, believing in me and the work that I do in the world. I walked away feeling like Krista was a colleague, mentor, and friend. I have no doubt I will engage Krista in her professional services again and highly recommend her to anyone looking to clarify and get their voice and vision into the world. – Ketriellah Goldfelder

I met Krista online several years ago through our shared interest and work in holistic health. After watching the development of her work in business coaching and training, I was inspired to invest in connecting with her for the past three months. That was a wise decision! She has helped me ‘flesh-out’ what I want to be and do in my work by listening, coaching, encouraging. Krista has given me steps and strategies for following through on action steps she had for me each time we met. Helping me launch my new website is just one of my tangible benefits of working with her. Thank you, Krista, for your example and honesty of also being in progress, which energizes me in my journey to continue doing the work to own my desires and become the woman I was created to be.  Karen Toews

Thank you, Krista, for helping me figure out some things I could do to ease the severe and chronic pain that had kept me living from my chair for eight years. Your wise guidance and wealth of knowledge and non-threatening tone have set me on course to reclaim a more active life! – Joy Ellen

Taking the time to care for oneself after building habits of neglect over many years, can seem like an arduous task. It was one that I knew I had to take on, which led to a discussion with a family member about how to approach the lifestyle changes that would be required of me. That conversation led to the discovery of Krista and her REVITALIZED course. Taking the plunge and joining a group of like-minded women on similar journeys, I came to discover just how valuable a resource Krista is.

Upon completion of the course, I made the decision to sign up for one on one work with Krista and the reasons for this were many. I would like to highlight a few: her compassion for women and their struggles, her empathetic drive to find answers that are specific to the individual, her gentle yet firm ability to present solutions with your best interest at heart. She is passionate about her work, she is an intelligent practitioner in the field of holistic health and nutrition, and she helped me look at the whole person, not just the parts.

Whether you are a woman just beginning your journey, or if you have been on it for some time, it is my belief that Krista can and would be a wonderful guide along your path. The work we have done together has brought greater awareness regarding my physical health, given me a strong foundation to work from, and allowed me to move forward with confidence, knowledge, and support. -Sharon Devries

I signed up for three consulting sessions with Krista. I am grateful for the direction she provided. I had made a big life change (my job) and was struggling with life visioning and re-organizing my life in a way that is satisfying and healthy. We met via Skype and talked about what was on my mind, what was needed. Krista provided action steps, explained the reason for these steps and followed up with an email (so I wouldn’t forget!).  The steps were to help me to see my thoughts and life a different way, and they worked, are still working! I learned a lot about the person I am and want to be; what gets in my way and how do deal with it, including beliefs, ideas, taking care of myself in a healthy manner. Krista helped me break through a struggle I have had for a long time, believing in myself and experiencing joy in life. With Gratitude, – Cindy Spée

Meeting with Krista has been so beneficial to my health! I chose to see her over a period of a few months to address the different concerns I had regarding my quality of life. I was dealing with daily headaches, fatigue, skin issues and stress. I appreciated her approach of not only dealing with the nutritional aspect but also being willing to help me look at emotional well-being. Resolving a stubborn candida issue, giving great supplement suggestions and recipes, looking into my personality and the way I view the world, and helping me establish Short Term Goals are all ways that she helped improve my health. I no longer have headaches, my energy is vastly improved, my skin clearer and my stress greatly reduced with the tools she gave me. I highly recommend Krista, and urge people to invest some extended time in their overall health and well-being!  – Charese Marklund

Krista is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge. I was stuck in bad habits and she helped me out of all of them. From negative thoughts to poor eating she really does work with you on a whole. I am looking forward to continuing our one on one sessions as I move closer to my health goals. Thank you, Krista.  – Robin Pearce

I was stuck and spinning my wheels repeating the same patterns over and over in my life. Krista’s blog (A Life in Progress) really began to speak to my heart about my issues, but the real change began when I started meeting one on one with her. Her helpful advice and practical steps with accountability are helping me change and experience hope and victory! I am so glad I made that first appointment:)  – Stacy Renard

I feel it is important to inject support into your life as you continue to grow on your own personal journey. As a health coach, I felt it was time that I sought support for my health growth. I didn’t know in the beginning when I decided to work with Krista, that what I was truly seeking was someone who cared about my well-being. Krista is a nurturing soul and mentor who truly cares about supporting you on your journey toward discovering your potential and honouring it. To me, she is the epitome of mother nature, of Gaia.  Through my time working with her, I have come to stand face-to-face with some of my fears and see them as strengths. I’ve also come to see my weaknesses as my own perception and truly discover that they are a defining part of what makes me unique and powerful. Sometimes, we just need to know that there is someone that cares, someone that listens, and someone that wants to see us thrive. And that is Krista. -Pamella Heikel

I enthusiastically recommend REVITALIZED to any woman ready to step into a life of purpose, health and JOY. I took the class remotely, so the mix of written, video and online group work enabled me to internalize the material and put it to use in my life. Krista’s thorough, yet conversational style of writing and speaking made me feel like I was having a conversation with a dear and trusted friend. The online group became a safe space for me to walk the journey of making change and it empowered me to put those changes into practice in my family and community life. The thing I loved most about the class, though, was the gentle and loving manner in which the wide-ranging material was presented and discussed. The atmosphere was truly a safe space for me to start the road of stepping into a JOYful life. I am so grateful for having had this experience. – Shana Hutchings

I have really enjoyed participating in the revitalized class.  I love how it is a safe place to express your fears, shortcomings, desires and ideas for growth, without repercussion or judgement.  The group of peers are all undergoing such similar feelings that you do not feel alone, or isolated in your thoughts, and you feel encouragement in their comments and stories.  I recommend the class for its excellent resources, the support and the encouragement you will receive if you accept it! – Kerri-Lynn Scott

Mind-Body Reboot is a game-changer. It’s a time where you can both stop, pause, and take a good look at things, as well as dig in and really level up your life. Mind-Body Reboot made me feel as good as wearing a brand new outfit on a sunshiny day, headed out for coffee with friends. Mind-Body Reboot provided me with information and know-how that will help to improve my health and happiness for the rest of my life. – Jessi Scott

The materials and associated action steps of the Mind-Body Reboot were phenomenal – amazing job Krista! Be prepared to put time aside to do the work – the more you put in the more you get out. Krista is such a caring supportive coach I would recommend anyone take this course no matter where they are at in their life journey. A look inside oneself and goal setting are always beneficial!    – Shelley Kinney

My sessions with Krista were the gentle push I needed to begin implementing some necessary changes in my life. While I initially contacted her for nutritional and dietary assistance, the inner work she helped me with was what resulted in the biggest improvement in my overall health and well-being. Her approach is compassionate and open, and her encouragement to start small in each area has already snowballed into much larger shifts in my behaviour and habits after just a couple of months. I highly recommend Krista’s coaching sessions for anyone looking to get more clarity in their life and to gain some practical tools for living with more joy and purpose. – Robyn Pearce

Krista is wise, thorough, and kind. – Tania Biehler

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