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Here are some kind words from former 1:1 clients and class participants:

“Thank you, Krista, for helping me figure out some things I could do to ease the severe and chronic pain that had kept me living from my chair for eight years. Your wise guidance and wealth of knowledge and non-threatening tone have set me on course to reclaim a more active life!”     – Joy Ellen

“Krista is wise, thorough, and kind.”     –Tania Biehler

“Taking the time to care for oneself after building habits of neglect over many years, can seem like an arduous task. It was one that I knew I had to take on, which led to a discussion with a family member about how to approach the lifestyle changes that would be required of me. That conversation led to the discovery of Krista and her REVITALIZED course. Taking the plunge and joining a group of like-minded women on similar journeys, I came to discover just how valuable a resource Krista is.

Upon completion of the course, I made the decision to sign up for one on one work with Krista and the reasons for this were many. I would like to highlight a few: her compassion for women and their struggles, her empathetic drive to find answers that are specific to the individual, her gentle yet firm ability to present solutions with your best interest at heart. She is passionate about her work, she is an intelligent practitioner in the field of holistic health and nutrition, and she helped me look at the whole person, not just the parts.

Whether you are a woman just beginning your journey, or if you have been on it for some time, it is my belief that Krista can and would be a wonderful guide along your path. The work we have done together has brought greater awareness regarding my physical health, given me a strong foundation to work from, and allowed me to move forward with confidence, knowledge, and support.”     -Sharon Devries

“I signed up for three consulting sessions with Krista. I am grateful for the direction she provided. I had made a big life change (my job) and was struggling with life visioning and re-organizing my life in a way that is satisfying and healthy. We met via Skype and talked about what was on my mind, what was needed. Krista provided action steps, explained the reason for these steps and followed up with an email (so I wouldn’t forget!).  The steps were to help me to see my thoughts and life a different way, and they worked, are still working! I learned a lot about the person I am and want to be; what gets in my way and how do deal with it, including beliefs, ideas, taking care of myself in a healthy manner. Krista helped me break through a struggle I have had for a long time, believing in myself and experiencing joy in life. With Gratitude,”     – Cindy Spée

“Meeting with Krista has been so beneficial to my health! I chose to see her over a period of a few months to address the different concerns I had regarding my quality of life. I was dealing with daily headaches, fatigue, skin issues and stress. I appreciated her approach of not only dealing with the nutritional aspect but also being willing to help me look at emotional well-being. Resolving a stubborn candida issue, giving great supplement suggestions and recipes, looking into my personality and the way I view the world, and helping me establish Short Term Goals are all ways that she helped improve my health. I no longer have headaches, my energy is vastly improved, my skin clearer and my stress greatly reduced with the tools she gave me. I highly recommend Krista, and urge people to invest some extended time in their overall health and well-being!”     – Charese Marklund

“Krista is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge. I was stuck in bad habits and she helped me out of all of them. From negative thoughts to poor eating she really does work with you on a whole. I am looking forward to continuing our one on one sessions as I move closer to my health goals. Thank you, Krista.”     – Robin Pearce

“I decided to see Krista in November 2016 after a couple of months of extreme perimenopausal mood swings. With some tweaking of my diet, increased water intake and supplements, I have been 6 months consistently feeling much more even. And a great side effect has been my evening energy levels are so much better!! It was a great experience!!! Thanks, Krista.”     – Erica Snook Pennings

“At the time I came to Krista I would often feel unwell and did not know why. After a sensitivity test, she helped to guide me through learning how to eat without dairy and gluten. During my time with her, she would patiently answer my many questions and listen to my concerns. I now feel a lot better physically and emotionally.”     – Ronda Vanderkooi

 “I was stuck and spinning my wheels repeating the same patterns over and over in my life. Krista’s blog (A Life in Progress) really began to speak to my heart about my issues, but the real change began when I started meeting one on one with her. Her helpful advice and practical steps with accountability are helping me change and experience hope and victory! I am so glad I made that first appointment:)”    – Stacy Renard

“I feel it is important to inject support into your life as you continue to grow on your own personal journey. As a health coach, I felt it was time that I sought support for my health growth. I didn’t know in the beginning when I decided to work with Krista, that what I was truly seeking was someone who cared about my well-being. Krista is a nurturing soul and mentor who truly cares about supporting you on your journey toward discovering your potential and honoring it. To me, she is the epitome of mother nature, of Gaia.  Through my time working with her, I have come to stand face-to-face with some of my fears and see them as strengths. I’ve also come to see my weaknesses as my own perception and truly discover that they are a defining part of what makes me unique and powerful. Sometimes, we just need to know that there is someone that cares, someone that listens, and someone that wants to see us thrive. And that is Krista.”     –Pamella Heikel

“When I first came to Krista, it was because she offered to help with my son’s health and behavioral problems. I had no idea that she could help me too. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and I always thought it was a psychological issue or possibly a chemical imbalance that could be fixed with counseling or medication. The problem was that as soon as I stopped doing these things, the depression would come back. Krista recommended dietary and lifestyle changes that I admit I was very sceptical of at first. After implementing many of these recommendations over the past two years however, I am astounded at the profound impact these changes have had on my emotional wellbeing. There were so many areas that needed work, it was difficult to decide where to start but once I began making small changes, it became easier. I am definitely still a work in progress but I am eternally grateful for Krista and her desire to help me because it was the catalyst I needed to start taking responsibility for my own physical and emotional health.”     – Kim Clark

“I feel that I have learned a lot from your classes and you’ve reinforced what I knew deep down in my heart. Life is a journey and you don’t achieve your dreams and goals in minutes or days, it takes a lifetime. It is down to earth gentle guidance that you present, one step at a time.  I feel that you encourage us to believe that any small change is worthwhile because it can grow into something huge. What I appreciate most about you and your classes is that you are so real, honest and open in your own struggles.Thank you!”     –Audrey Farmer

“Krista helped my teenage daughter and I learn how to healthfully transition to a vegan diet. She educated us on quality supplementation along with deficiencies to watch out for, provided healthy recipe ideas, and emphasized to my daughter the importance of listening to her own body. I so appreciated her breadth and depth of knowledge related to nutrition and various aspects of health. As well, something I love, that sets her apart from many voices in the nutrition and health industry, is her focus on treating oneself with great kindness and compassion. I highly recommend Krista to anyone looking to boost their health or happiness!”     – Jacqueline Green

“Krista’s approach to whole and balanced wellness has been a vital element in my health journey. She is very knowledgeable and kind to work with, and I appreciate how she thoughtfully laid out a personalized plan for me that incorporates my Ayurvedic lifestyle. Additionally, I have really enjoyed and benefitted from Krista’s emphasis on joy and self-love.”     – Lara Felsing

“I enthusiastically recommend REVITALIZED to any woman ready to step into a life of purpose, health and JOY. I took the class remotely, so the mix of written, video and online group work enabled me to internalize the material and put it to use in my life. Krista’s thorough, yet conversational style of writing and speaking made me feel like I was having a conversation with a dear and trusted friend. The online group became a safe space for me to walk the journey of making change and it empowered me to put those changes into practice in my family and community life. The thing I loved most about the class, though, was the gentle and loving manner in which the wide-ranging material was presented and discussed. The atmosphere was truly a safe space for me to start the road of stepping into a JOYful life. I am so grateful for having had this experience.”     –Shana Hutchings

“I have really enjoyed participating in the revitalized class.  I love how it is a safe place to express your fears, shortcomings, desires and ideas for growth, without repercussion or judgement.  The group of peers are all undergoing such similar feelings that you do not feel alone, or isolated in your thoughts, and you feel encouragement in their comments and stories.  I recommend the class for it’s excellent resources, the support and the encouragement you will receive if you accept it!”     –Kerri-Lynn Scott

“I was attracted to the description of Revitalized on Krista’s blog. The weekly activities, videos and FB interaction helped shift me to a deeper understanding and practice around life goals, nutrition, and the emotional well-being that I had been seeking. Krista presents the materials in a clear and compassionate manner. She answers questions and gives encouragement. The FB group was a good interaction, since I live too far away to take the course in person. These are materials and learnings I will continue to use. THANK YOU Krista!”     –Cindy Spée

“Mind-Body Reboot is a game changer. It’s a time where you can both stop, pause, and take a good look at things, as well as dig in and really level up your life. Mind-Body Reboot made me feel as good as wearing a brand new outfit on a sunshiny day, headed out for coffee with friends. Mind-Body Reboot provided me with information and know-how that will help to improve my health and happiness for the rest of my life.”  – Jessi Scott

“I really enjoyed (the Mind-Body Reboot). It was a great group of women working together to build each other up and better ourselves. The information was things that I will incorporate into using in everyday life. I would highly recommend it.”     – Sara Beck

“The materials and associated action steps of the Mind-Body Reboot were phenomenal – amazing job Krista! Be prepared to put time aside to do the work – the more you put in the more you get out. Krista is such a caring supportive coach I would recommend anyone take this course no matter where they are at in their life journey. A look inside oneself and goal setting are always beneficial!”     – Shelley Kinney

“I heard about the Mind-Body Reboot as I was approaching my 40th birthday and decided to sign up as a gift to myself. I am so glad I did! This class was the starting point I have been searching for. What a privilege to have found it right here in our rural community! I enjoyed this class thoroughly and left it feeling more aware of who I am and better equipped to support my well-being. I would highly recommend Krista and this class to everyone!”        –Theresa Kvatum

“I went into this class with an open mind and a hope that I would learn how to better take care of myself. I was not expecting to get so much out of it. I feel Krista has helped me to become more clear on the things that are most important to me and helped me to prioritize my time and health. I am going to start some private sessions with her and am look forward to growing into a better me. Thank you ?”     –Robin Pearce

“The CALM course was great exposure to many alternative methods I can incorporate into my daily routines to create clarity, calm and joy. I especially enjoyed the suggestions for supplements and nutrition. I also appreciated the anecdotal portions that allowed me to relate to the material. Krista has such a nurturing spirit that was much appreciated.”      –Brandy Schutz

“Krista’s CALM workshop has provided me with the tools and guidelines I need to get started in my mission to bring more focus and intention into my daily life. She shares her wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of supplements that can help when dealing with different health issues, which I found very informative and helpful. I especially appreciated her suggestions on how to recognize the joy in our lives and how to let go of the things or ideas that are not a part of that joy.

Krista’s honesty and openness about her own life and experiences really made me feel comfortable in the group setting. I believe that she is an extremely knowledgeable and accepting person whose support would benefit anyone interested in living a more physically and emotionally, balanced healthy life. The CALM workshop is a great starting point for those of us who want to live a more thoughtful, healthy, joy-filled life.”     –Andrea Sidney-Richard

“The CALM Mini Course was exactly what I needed during this season of my life. It helped me uncover areas that need attention in order for me to live a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable life. I found the handouts and journal prompts to be wonderful tools to organize my thoughts and define what I really want my daily, weekly and monthly activities to look like. I recommend this course to anyone who is searching for more calm and purpose in their lives.”      –Elizabeth Reimers

“The CALM Mini Course helped me realize where I can make some small shifts in my behavior that create big changes in how I feel and see my activities and actions. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with issues of time, nutrition, or their emotions.”     –Cindy Spee

“I enjoyed the course “30 Days to Greater CALM” and found it to be very helpful and thought-provoking. I was especially impressed by the professionalism of the writing and the personal touch of empathy displayed throughout the journey. The author writes well and helps you feel that struggling is okay and perfection is not the goal. I appreciated the work of the “short-term Goals” and especially the worksheets in point form. It helped me to quickly write my thoughts in a busy life.

I also benefitted from Days 16-22 Habits Weighing You Down and Clearing the Clutter & Toxins. I found these most beneficial and practical for my life. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others needing a boost to reaching Greater Calm.”     –Roberta Greiner

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