UNSHACKLEDUNSHACKLED is available as a group or private class and a retreat weekend

I am in the process of writing a book entitled UNSHACKLED: Finally Free To Be “Good Enough”

I am so excited about this book and the corresponding women’s circle and retreat days I hope to offer using this book as the primary guide. The topics in this book are birthed from years of personal struggle and learning to love and accept myself as is. Every beautiful and broken bit. I must admit that I hope to change your life with it. To inspire and educate and help you finally, once and for all, begin walking through life like you deserve to be here.


Some of the topics covered in this book will include:

  • Letting go of body shame;
  • Embracing all your imperfections. And your amazing strengths;
  • Breaking the trap of comparison;
  • Choosing joy in the midst of pain or struggle;
  • Loving yourself with kindness and compassion;
  • Sustainable Self-Care;
  • Speaking up for what you need and desire;
  • Intimacy and vulnerability;
  • Making peace with stress;
  • The power of baby steps;
  • Releasing clutter to open up space for joy;
  • Acknowledging that it’s your job to love yourself;
  • And more…

This affirming and life-giving “women’s circle” type class built around this ebook will be an opportunity for us to  gather regularly and dive deep together into these sensitive issues through open and honest dialogue and education. My intention is for you to come and share your heart in a judgment-free space but then to leave stronger, braver, more aware of the amazing gifts that you offer the world, and better equipped to live an UNSHACKLED lifeTM of purpose, health and JOY.

UNSHACKLED will also be offered as a weekend retreat 1 time per year in the Yellowhead County area. Contact me at alifeinprogress@outlook.com if you are interested in hosting this retreat in your town! (retreat organizers will receive free participation in the workshop). What an amazing opportunity to gather together, laugh (and shed some tears if needed), learn together, share a simple but tasty & healthy lunch, and leave uplifted.

Krista xo

P.S. Before you leave, if you are looking for a class based more around holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices please check out CALM and REVITALIZED (formerly the Mind-Body Reboot).

You're imperfect. Life is messy. Show up anyway.
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