What We Practice Grows Stronger


Choosing a simpler or slower life, an intentional life, can feel like hard slogging at the start. It means going against the grain, forming new habits and mindsets, choosing to practice patience when the process takes time. Picking ourselves up over and over again when we fall off the proverbial wagon.

I call myself a recovering perfectionist and live with a mighty opinionated inner critic. She likes to follow me around all day nagging and pointing out all the ways I fail to measure up – to both your standards and mine! My goodness she’s bossy.

Over the years I have struggled with staying the course. I have needed to learn to forgive my missteps or perceived imperfections, to speak to myself like my own best friend, and to take joy in this messy but beautiful journey. Maybe some of you can relate.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu

What we practice grows stronger.

Remember that this is a journey – we are all beautiful lives in progress. There does not need to be a mad rush to a finish line. We can slow down, breathe, and enjoy the process of slowly but surely crafting an intentional life.

You can read my full guest post at No Sidebar And always remember that what we practice grows stronger.

Krista xo

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