Your Mental Health Matters

your mental health matters

Inside: Your mental health matters. We all struggle – not one of us will get through life without tasting struggle or pain though our circumstances will look different. This is not a sign of your value or worth – this is simply part of being human in a messy world. These 10 posts plus an interview will help you care for yourself like you matter.

My life has been a journey of learning to love and care for myself well. A journey to freedom.

I used to have an addictive personality and this got me into trouble until I learned to live fully conscious, eyes and heart wide open. I have walked through suicide attempts, anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain, loss – including of my son to severe depression and suicidal ideation & grief, binge eating & body shame. Not necessarily in that order.

For most of my life, I did not find living easy. I needed to choose to live. I worked hard over the years to learn about the roots of my anxiety, bouts of depression, and how perfectionism, high sensitivity, and a lack of self-compassion all worked together to leave me feeling broken, never good enough, and not cut out for this world.

I planted seeds of wholeness and watered them faithfully, learned to ask for help where needed, and otherwise found my way to mind-body-spirit health.

Today, I consciously and determinedly choose to show up fully to this imperfect and beautiful life of mine in every season and help my clients do this soul-stretching, beautiful work too.

We all struggle – not one of us will get through life without tasting struggle or pain though our circumstances will look different. This is not a sign of your value or worth – this is simply part of being human in a messy world.

Care for yourself like you matter.

HERE ARE 10 OF THE ARTICLES I’VE WRITTEN THAT SPEAK TO tending to our mental health BECAUSE we matter.

5 Simple but Effective Practices to Lift Your Mood Up

Whatever the cause of your low mood, It’s important to remember that you’re worthy of love and acceptance in spite of your struggle and you are worth fighting for! Read the full article here.

10 Science-Based Self Care Tips for Fall & Winter

If I am to weather well the long dark months of winter, I must thoughtfully prepare. Nothing left to chance. My physical and mental wellness depends upon it. Read the full article here.

Walking Each Other Home: 19 Gifts of this Year as I Walked My Son Home

As I look back over 2019 and as we step into the new year, I want to focus on 19 gifts I’ve picked up as I walked alongside my son through the final days of his life. Read the full article here.

5 Habits to Help You Show Up Strong When You Must Begin Again

5 habits that I’ve used during crisis and personal challenge to live Rooted & Resilient and which can help all of us forge ahead strong through uncertainty. Read the full post here.

Why I (Joyfully) Eat Frozen Pizza on Friday Nights

The thing that has made the biggest positive impact on my mental health is choosing to embrace imperfection and “good enough.” This is why I eat pizza on Friday nights. Read the full article here.

You Don’t Have to Be Fine

If you have days in which you feel capable then burst into tears at awkward moments, if one day you feel hopeful and the next you stay in bed and sob – You’re OK. Read the full post.

7 Self-Care Practices for When Life Feels Painful

7 self-care practices that keep me showing up and remind me I am rooted, resilient, and though I cannot control all circumstances, I am responsible for my response to life. Read the full article here.

If You’re Tired of Struggling: You’re Not the Only One

If you’re tired of struggling, if you see all your imperfection and life feels hard, you might need a reminder that you’re not alone. Be gentle with yourself today. Read the full post here.

In the Depths of my Anxiety, my Husband has been a Constant Force of Love and Support

What I need you to know about my anxiety: for much of our marriage it made me feel broken and inadequate but I’ve decided to learn to love myself as I learn to love you. Read the full article here.

I Find CALM In The Space of In-Between

I like that I no longer abuse my body or my soul, that I find joy in each ordinary day. I love that all the ugly shame I carried fell away. Read the full article here.

You can enjoy my interview with Dr. Chris Bjorndal on Strategies for Guarding our Mental Health & the Bravery of Asking for Help:

In this interview, mental health advocate (with lived experience with depression and bipolar), Nieisha Deed and I talk about Becoming Who We Want to Be & Removing Shame from the Equation:

Love Yourself Well Mini-Course Bundle $97

This bundle includes the Befriend Yourself, Walk in Self-Compassion, and Rooted & Resilient Mini-Courses for $97 USD. These courses are offered to help you put down stronger roots of self-awareness and self-compassion so that you can take imperfect action toward showing up fully to the life in front of you and in a way that aligns with your core values.

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