What If You Approach Growth From the Perspective That You’re OK?

you're OK

Inside: There’s a world of difference between seeking growth from a place of feeling broken or messed up vs. stepping into growth from the perspective that you’re imperfect and you’re OK.

What if you approach growth or a desire to find deeper healing or freedom from the perspective that you’re already enough? That wanting to learn and grow and become more fully yourself is great – but not a prerequisite for treating yourself like you matter or behaving like you love yourself.

What if you show up curious each day, open to learning and self-discovery but not berating yourself for being exactly who or where you are right now. You’re not wrong for where you’re at on the journey. And even if you never budged from this spot, you’re OK.

What if you decide to own your past and your pain but break off the shame attached to these stories. And you choose to be proud of yourself for fighting and not giving up. For choosing life.

What would change if you stopped living for external validation, desperate for affirmation, and you became your own best friend?

Could you reach out for help when you need it and realize that you’re brave; it takes incredible strength to ask for what you need.

And what if you made the decision to trust the journey. To trust that we all struggle but if we just keep taking one stubborn step after another then chances are we will find ourselves one day in a broad place, a freer space, and realize that we have indeed grown and healed. Sometimes the change we seek comes when we’re not looking.

What if you only spoke to yourself with the same care and delight that you would offer your daughter when she’s hurting. And what if you believed in yourself the way you’d fiercely stand up for your son.

And how would it feel to forgive yourself quickly, and forgive others too; to stop all the comparing and just be imperfect you.

You are colorful, messy, intriguing, crazy beautiful ARTwork. And you’re OK.


I wonder what might happen if you made the decision to just love the body you’re in; if you nourished yourself with kindness and all sorts of good things.

What if you picked yourself up quickly every time you fall and remember you’re just human and doing your best. And there’s no one on earth who doesn’t fall in time.

I’m curious if you’d be happier if you embraced that you’re not like everyone else. You are colourful, beautiful artwork and we’re not meant to be the same.

What if you realized you’re already OK. That nothing else is required.

You are messy and imperfect and you’re OK,

Krista xo

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You're imperfect. Life is messy. Show up anyway. I'll help you figure out how.

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  1. This post was at the top of my email this morning. It really spoke to me. I have been miserable for days. I was a caretaker for a disabled man for 3 years and knew his whole family and he was VERY well known and active in the community. He suddenly died 4 days ago. Yesterday was his funeral. So I lost my job. A friend, mentor, advocate. He never got depressed or angry despite his disabilities. So I feel like, now what do I do with myself. So I’m definitely at the “one stubborn step after another” phase. Thanks Krista.

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