Disclaimer & Terms of Use for the Brave & Beautiful Community

*Refund policy: for memberships of 6 months or more, if you find you’re not happy in the membership you may request a refund before the last day of the first month (before the second month’s content is uploaded) by emailing Krista at alifeinprogress@outlook.com. You can receive a refund for the remaining months minus a $60 admin fee. Please consider carefully before joining. You can check out my writing or my free group here to ensure you feel comfortable with my style and my work beforehand.

*There are NO refunds for memberships of less than a 6-month commitment once you are added to the group.

*The email address you use to register/send payment will be added to or tagged on MY EMAIL LIST so that you receive updates and important details about the membership. In case FB is having tech issues, I may on occasion send you the core content or worksheets this way as well.

*Krista takes regular time off work as needed to stay healthy and happy (she’ll let the membership know when she’ll be offline). The weeks she is working, she will be active in the group several days a week, not every day.

*Discounts and access to new digital resources are only available as long as you are an active, paid member of the community.

*Occasionally a module from the Brave & Beautiful Community will be made available as a mini-course at alifeinprogress.ca. The mini-course may include the B&B’s weekly videos in which Krista is the only person seen and talking (but not the group Zoom calls unless permission is requested expressly and received from members prior to the call).

*Sharing member’s private information, distribution of content without express permission from Krista and A Life in Progress or unkind behaviour are terms for immediate removal from the group, without reimbursement.

*The expectation is that every member will be kind and respectful to all other members as well as to admin. We come from different lifestyles and life experiences and this is meant to be a safe space for all members.

*The content offered in the membership including digital products, ebooks, and worksheets is copyrighted and for individual use only. This means you cannot legally share it in part or in full with anyone else. If someone you care about is interested in what you’re learning, please direct them to join the membership or to the select mini-courses available (which are modules from the membership made available to people who do not use social media). Thank you for respecting and supporting my work in this way.

*The material and support offered in the membership is for educational purposes only and is not offered as medical, psychological, spiritual, legal, or business advice. It is not offered to treat/heal/cure/prevent any condition. Krista is a Holistic Nutrition & Joyful Living Educator, not a doctor, therapist, or spiritual advisor. You are advised to check with your medical health team before making changes to your nutrition, supplementation, or lifestyle.

*The membership is not a replacement for personal 1:1 consults or individualized support from Krista and A Life in Progress. If you need individualized support specific to your needs or goals, you can purchase consults.

*You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life, health and business. Krista makes no representations, warranties or guarantees that you will achieve any results from the ideas or content presented in this membership community.  I, Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui and A Life in Progress, will not be held responsible for any adverse result of implementing ideas presented in the community.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement, do not purchase a membership to this community.

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