Mind-Body Nourished

Mind-Body Nourished

In my work as a Holistic Nutrition & Joyful Living Educator I focus primarily on mind-body health.

I hold a vision of offering a safe space – a Safe House – for women of all walks of life to come and get patched up, encouraged and nourished so they can continue their journey to freedom.

I want to gather women together across racial, religious, age, body size, life experience divides. To invite us to let down our guard, lay down our weapons and lift each other up. Listen and learn from each other. When we offer our sisters safe spaces we ourselves are nourished.

My desire is to be a light of hope and encouragement. To take all my struggle and study and offer it to others needing to be reminded that they – you – matter. That you are worthy of love and compassion right now. Not when you lose 50 pounds or finally break that addiction or get your act perfectly together.

Right now in the middle of the storm.

I believe we all have gifts to offer the world – small and subtle or big and flashy, it does not matter. You are gifted. You are knit together like amazing artwork, for a purpose. You are needed. You may have walked through some horrible darkness or your life may have been fairly safe and secure to this point but either way, you have gifts to bring to the world.

But really, it is hard to offer who we are and to live the life we truly desire if we are nutrient deficient or overstuffed but undernourished. Depleted, depressed, discouraged.

You cannot all come sit with me in my living room so I decided to gather some of you together in the pages of a free gift. I have collected tips and resource recommendations for you, from women far and wide within my circle of contacts.

Some are online acquaintances, childhood friends, local women from varying worldviews and life experiences but all work in women’s wellness in some manner. Download your Mind-Body Nourished eBook (link below) then read slowly and savor – recognize that we are all imperfect. Not one of us has life all perfectly figured out. We are all still on the journey and learning to nourish ourselves well.

I am grateful to all the women who participated in providing tips and resources for this small project. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. And readers, you can learn more about these strong, courageous women by following the embedded links to their websites or social media pages when you get your copy of Mind-Body Nourished.

You may not like or agree with everything I or these women teach or believe. Take what serves you and leave the rest. I have found that I have grown and healed and become who I am in part through watching and listening to other women. I don’t have to share all the same beliefs to glean from and appreciate them or their work.

This world is hurting and I want to be part of loving and building up rather than tearing down. I can offer others the same respect and kindness I desire for myself and my children.

I can learn to listen well and not just seek to be heard (a work in progress). I can help build a world that feels safe for my (future) grand children. I can love others simply because of the realization that I, an incredibly imperfect human being, was offered the gift of love and acceptance in the middle of my need and brokenness.

I can be a safe house for others on their journey to freedom. So can you.

DOWNLOAD your copy of Mind-Body Nourished here (no email sign up required!)

May you find hope and encouragement within these pages.

Krista xo

Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
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