10 Lessons I Want to Pass Down to My Daughters

lessons to my daughters

10 Lessons I Want to Pass Down to my Daughters

1. Colour is beautiful. Diversity is beautiful and needed.

2. Strength can look like keeping yourself together as you overcome really hard stuff, it can look like living in integrity even when there are consequences, strength can also look like feeling afraid, needing help, loving yourself in all your messiness, and walking in your gifting with confidence.

3. Your job is not to make anyone else (even your parents) comfortable. Your job is not to bow to status quo, jump through hoops, or avoid rocking the boat. Your job is to show up fully, use your voice, listen to those whispers that call you out into building, creating, handcrafting a life that honours your wiring and helps build a world you want to live in.

4. You are loved and on purpose. I have your back no matter what. I will always leave the porch light on for you.

5. I like you. I don’t just love you because I’m your mama, but I see you, I witness your strength and struggle, I am so grateful to share life with and learn from you, and I LIKE you as a human.

6. Perfection is not required.

7. Motherhood and family are beautiful gifts – and you can have a beautiful, meaningful life even if you do not choose motherhood (I can adopt grandbabies if I want).

8. Life will be horrifically hard at times. You already know this and I wish you didn’t. You’ll wonder if you have what it takes. You might feel despair. But light always comes again and life is also really beautiful. Both/and. It’s not all one thing or the other.

9. Follow your gut and be careful whose voice you listen to. Don’t let fear stop you from risking, loving, saying yes to the things you want, from adventure and trying and resting and being real about who and how you are.

10. Life isn’t fair. It isn’t about fairness. But keep standing up for what you believe in anyway, keep planning and dreaming and moving forward anyway. You do not have to prove your worth or earn your keep – but also you have gifts to share with the world and the world will be better for them.

Mom xo

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