Show Up Through Fear

show up through fear

Inside: You can learn to live with joy and purpose even if you feel afraid or struggle with anxiety and depression. You can learn to love yourself, to leverage your strengths (you have them!), and show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life. You can learn to show up through fear – one stubborn, determined step at a time.

I write a whole lot about fear. This is because I spent much of my life mired in it – anxious, afraid, feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to survive in this world. A hefty part of my fear has always been tangled up in anxiety, depression, and perfectionism.

I feel no shame about experiencing fear – it’s simply a human emotion. Learning to tell the truth about what I feel has been a critical step toward healing and freedom for me.

Perhaps, like me, you don’t identify with the folks that write about living “fearless” – instead, what I learned, what I still practice daily, is to show up through fear to build the life I want. I don’t have to wait until life feels fear-less, stress-free, or smooth sailing to show up fully to this imperfect and beautiful life of mine.

Neither do you.

We can be afraid and unsure and still show up. We can put down strong, hardy roots of self-awareness and self-compassion that remind us we aren’t required to have it all together in order to shine our light or do the work in the world to which we feel called. And we can build a healthy stress mindset to help rob fear of its power.

Showing up through fear – like all growth and becoming – requires practice. We build this muscle like any other. One stubborn step and then another.


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Show up Afraid: Self-Guided Course $60 USD

An 8-module/ minimum 8-week course. Each module begins with two personal stories or short essays; these are meant to help you reflect on the topic at hand. Next, I provide ideas to help you put the lessons of the module into action – this includes the invitation to join a few purposeful challenges (a media fast, decluttering challenge, and naming a specific project or goal to show up to). Finally, you will find worksheets that you can print, and which will further support you in working through the content of each module. (Sign up to my email list to hear about the next live class)

Learn more or purchase the course here.

Enjoy my interview with Dr. Whitney Dicterow – we talk about resilience and developing inner resourcefulness both of which help us show up through fear and challenging seasons:


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THE HOPE MAP: Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear and show up fully (with joy and on purpose) to your imperfect & beautiful life.
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