5 Simple but Effective Practices to Lift Your Mood Up

lift your mood up

Inside: 5 practices to help you lift your mood up once again. We all experience low mood though some people seem to struggle more with this than others. It is so important to remember that you are worthy of love and acceptance in spite of your struggle and that you are worth fighting for!

Truth time: sometimes you find yourself in the valley or feeling low (again) and not only do you wonder if you’re the only one (you’re not) but you need a reminder that you can take purposeful action to pick your mood up again.

If you are someone who feels you struggle more than others, it can help to remember that the struggle is only part of your story – not the fullness of it – and the low times are usually temporary.

You will be ok.

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Whether your low mood is due to painful life circumstances, chronic depression, anxiety, or a seasonal dip (here are 10 science-based tips to care for yourself through the darker season), it is so important to remember that you are worthy of love and acceptance in spite of your struggle and that you are worth fighting for!

As tired as you may feel, it’s important to advocate for yourself to figure out the best ways to boost your mood.

You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. -Brené Brown


With time you can build habits and strategies to improve your mood – you will get stronger with practice. Start somewhere and take advantage of the free, purposeful resources I’ve offered you below. Don’t fall prey to discouragement or overwhelm; Just do all or something.

5 ways to lift your mood up when you’re feeling low

(You might also benefit from these 10 steps to improve your mental health)

1. Slow Down & Simplify

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and neither do you. Learn to embrace imperfection to improve your mood long-term. These simple living tips for the stressed out or the recovering perfectionist are a good starting place to begin this journey. Busyness is often a form of running from pain. Slow down, offer yourself permission to rest or lower your standards for a bit where you’re able until you come back up for air.

2. Be the Boss of Your Thoughts

An instant mood booster is to stop the negative self-talk and replace it with a kinder possibility. You can learn to challenge the stories that play out in your head, to create a pause between thought and action in order to create a more positive life and boost your mood up again. If you are in crisis you can learn to challenge fear and learn new patterns of behavior, all because you build up the habit of being the boss of your thoughts. Use the Shift Your Thoughts Worksheets I’ve made you to practice this critical habit.

3. Nourish Your Body & Brain

Nourish yourself well for optimal mind-body health. When struggling with low mood you may crave the foods that trigger you but you can slowly but surely learn to identify how to eat in a way that lifts your mood up and keeps you feeling calm and balanced – at least more of the time. Consider getting nutrition & lifestyle support if you have no idea where to begin but in the meantime, I’ve prepared this PDF to help you: Mental Health, Inflammation, and Nutrition for Better Moods.

4. Tend & Befriend

Introvert or extrovert, you might want to isolate when you’re feeling low and need to be aware of this tendency; isolation can lead to spiraling downward. To lift your mood up, choose instead to consciously use the tend & befriend survival instinct that pushes women, in particular, to reach out for support in times of stress. Even if this doesn’t come naturally to you, consider telling the truth to someone you trust or making a bid for connection. We need each other. Join my closed Live on Purpose FB group for a sense of community.

5. Become More Self-Aware

Deepening self-awareness – including understanding your triggers, what lights you up, the script that runs through your brain – helps boost life happiness. While this can take time to deepen understanding of who you are and why you tick the way you do, you can start by understanding what makes you happy or what triggers you into stress (start with a Happy-Stress Worksheet and identify what you need to release using this Brain Download worksheet).

You can also watch this video in which Jessica Uys, Wellness Coach, and I discuss how understanding personality can boost your happiness and life-satisfaction.

When you’re feeling low, don’t panic. Use these 5 practices to pick your mood up and remind yourself that this valley is likely only temporary. The sun will shine again.


Remember that there are always things you can do to pick your mood up when you feel low. Change doesn’t always come quickly (although sometimes it does!) but baby steps over time add up. You are worth fighting for.

Krista xo

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